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Day 1 (10 AW)

  1. Page 1: Parson finds it ridiculous how quickly the city is rebuilt once Stanley allocates the funding.
  2. Page 2: Stanley returns with most of his dwagon contingent; Parson explores the new Gobwin Knob.
  3. Page 3: Stanley surveys his domain, comments on his side's new livery, glees at Ansom's Face Heel Turn.
  4. Page 4: Stanley lands, proves confused and apprehensive over Wanda's attunement and mood; Wanda shows off cool tricks thus far.
  5. Page 5: Ansom talks re-popping, references Prince; Stanley unable to gloat, compensates by fishing for gossip.
  6. Page 6: Parson plays with his bracer, contemplates the invention of folding chairs; Maggie and Sizemore culture-shocked; brick-throwing classified as archery.
  7. Page 7: Archons provide celebratory fireworks; dwagons get spooked; Stanley blows up own head.
  8. Page 8: Thinking about war bothers Parson, but would not thinking about war be any better?
  9. Page 9: Stanley "apologizes", breaks news of Ansom's promotion; Parson takes it well; Maggie speaks her mind.
  10. Page 10: Caesar mocks Jillian, delivers "royal invitation"; Jillian accepts (unwillingly); Vinny smells a fish.
  11. Page 11: Transylvitans chat about Carpool; Vinny holds his tongue; Jillian stews.
  12. Page 12: Escort camps in the rain; Transylvitan capital still two days away; Jillian kvetches about moving under her max speed, speculates on Caesar's diet.

Day 2 (11 AW)

  1. Page 13: Escort stops at Aqua Velva; Jillian spears one of the mayor's pet fish as provisions; conversation touches upon names and titles.
  2. Page 14: Vinny asks Jillian to mind her manners when "meeting his parents"; Jillian still a woman of few words, but spares a few choice ones for her own dad.
  3. Page 15: Escort grabs horned sheep for dinner; Transylvitans sing campfire rock.

Day 3 (12 AW)

  1. Page 16: Dawn arrives before Transylvito's turn; Jillian nurses a fire; Vinny tames a bat, puts himself in Don King's shoes.
  2. Page 17: First glimpse of Transylvito proper, surrounding terrain, defense forces; escort grabs a drink from the nearby Skanks; Jillian promotes herself to Chief Party-Pooper.
  3. Page 18: Jillian arrives in the Transylvito throne room, exchanges formalities with Don King, really needs to pee.
  4. Page 19: Jillian tells Don King about Faq's Foolamantic defenses, proposes a rematch with Stanley; Don King reminds her of the first bout's mysterious ending; indoor plumbing introduced.
  5. Page 20: Jillian expresses her disdain for tea, "royal life"; Don King gives an object lesson.
  6. Page 21: Jillian and Don King talk about the three Rs: Royalty, Radishes, and Rebuilding; Jillian fights an inner ambush, throws a teapot.
  7. Page 22: Parson and Charlie talk Caster Links, mind games.
  8. Page 23: Zhopa the Twoll introduced; Parson packs a picnic lunch.
  9. Page 24: Parson, Sizemore, and Maggie take a stroll; Parson learns about Erban development (Gobwin Knob real estate is a buyer's market) and talks about home.
  10. Page 25: Discussion of aesthetics continues on to the topic of graphic design; Fabrication officially linked to Twolls, Dollamancy; Sizemore and Maggie play catch-the-buck over Gobwin Knob's new style.
  11. Page 26: Maggie explains two-caster links, speculates on Stanley's mental state; the trio continue their walk towards the city gates.
  12. Page 27: Parson reaches hex boundary, takes a peek through his magic specs; Maggie tells a joke; Erfworld proves to be more stubborn than we had hoped.
  13. Page 28: Magic Kingdom revealed to be mostly philosophers with juice; Parson warned against going there again, settles for more Q&A with Maggie and Sizemore; Sizemore breaks out the apple brandy.
  14. Page 29: Parson gets a crash course in general relativity, boggles afresh at Erfworld's idiosyncratic physics.
  15. Page 30: Maggie hits the brandy a bit too hard, feels like she's on Earth, takes advantage of her helmet's loyalty.
  16. Page 31: Parson tries things.
  17. Page 32: Parson gets in the saddle, squashes a Banana.

Day 4 (13 AW)

  1. Page 33: Ansom and Wanda visit sunny Warchalking.
  2. Page 34: Wrigley loses his spear, then loses his head.

Day 8 (17 AW)

  1. Page 35: Stanley chews out Parson for not knowing how to do his rounds; Parson sends Stanley dwagon-hunting.

Day 11 (20 AW)

  1. Page 36: Parson and Jack discuss fashion and the burdens of talent.

Day 18 (27 AW)

  1. Page 37: Vinny visits the new and improved Faq, bearing bad news.

Day 19 (28 AW)

  1. Page 38: Parson and Jack drown their boredom in battle simulations.

Day 20 (29 AW)

  1. Page 39: Charlie tries to find out what Gobwin Knob's got up its sleeve, and gets more than he bargained for.

Day 23 (32 AW)

  1. Page 40: Prince Tramennis arrives at Dhrystone, informs Ossomer of their brother's alleged fate.

Day 24 (33 AW)

  1. Page 41: Jillian rides a Megalogwiff, waits for one call, and gets another.

Day 29 (38 AW)

  1. Page 42: Ansom "relaxes" with Stanley, and thinks about how war is changing.

Day 31 (40 AW)

  1. Page 43: Don King gets a love letter.

Day 38 (47 AW)

  1. Page 44: Parson and Maggie take a walk and discuss... logistics. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.
  2. Page 45: Parson braves the peril to get some answers about Charlie.
  3. Page 46: Parson ignores his little buddy, plays 8 questions, and sets a date with Ginger and MaryAnn.

Day 52 (61 AW)

  1. Page 47: Caesar Borgata is up on the roof in Chocula, and gets a call from Bunny; learns next morning that Transylvito is popping new Royal Heir.

Day 54 (63 AW)

  1. Page 48: Parson chats with Charlie again. Ansom made diplomatic contacts, trying to spread Toolism.

Day 55 (64 AW)

  1. Page 49: Jillian recalls how, on Day 42 (51 AW), she 'visited' the neighbor kingdom Jitterati, attacked the cities Kona and Valdez, got the Western Giants to become her Natural Allies, and captured the warlord Duncan Scone. On Day 55 (64 AW), she leaves Faq on a dangerous mission.