Decrypted Archons

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Immediately following the end of TBFGK, Wanda decrypted 28 of Charlie's ArchonsErf-b1.5-p7Same-site.PNG.

Here is a list of their names, as they've come up:

  1. GingerErf-b1.5-p46Same-site.PNG.
  2. MaryAnnErf-b1.5-p46Same-site.PNG
  3. MonicaErf-b2-pT53Same-site.PNG
  4. RachelErf-b2-pT53Same-site.PNG
  5. PhoebeErf-b2-pT53Same-site.PNG
  6. EmilyErf-b2-p77Same-site.PNG
  7. AnneErf-b2-p77Same-site.PNG
  8. CharlotteErf-b2-p77Same-site.PNG
  9. JanetErf-b2-pT56Same-site.PNG
  10. Norma JeanErf-b2-p83Same-site.PNG

11-28 may never be brought up, as many of them died in the Siege of Spacerock.