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Proposed Canon

In Erfworld, Dance-Fighting is a Natural Ability used in combat to add a significant bonus to a Unit or a Stack. Often, the Units dance-fighting will adopt a style of dress, but this is not necessary to receive the bonus.

Known Dance-Fighters

Transylvito - The vampire gangs of Transylvito are led by Vinny Doombats and Caesar Borgata during their dance-fight. Their particular dance style is that of a 50's era 'Greaser-Mob'.Erf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG

Knights In Stanley's Service - The Knights in Stanley's Service, populated by elite Hobgobwins, are led by Lord Stanley The Tool himself. They adopt black leather 'armor' and warpaint, wield axes, and generally have a Heavy Metal Appearance.Erf-b1-p076Same-site.PNG

Wanda Firebaugh - This dance-fight was planned by 'Lord Hamster' after learning that the Royal Crown Coalition had no dance-fight leaders (that he knew ofErf-b1-p128Same-site.PNG), and that a Master-Class Croakamancer could achieve a 'dance-fight' bonus using Uncroaked. Wanda led an army of several thousand Uncroaked in a rather thrilling push against Ansom's forcesErf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG Erf-b1-p129Same-site.PNG

Ansom's forces are not normally dance-fightersErf-b1-p127Same-site.PNG but are assisted by a Spell from Charlescomm's ArchonsErf-b1-p128Same-site.PNG.

Real World References

The Transylvito dance-fight style is an obvious homage to The Jets from West Side Story. Their battle-cry is even a parody of the lyrics from the Jets Song.

Jillian dresses like Sandy from the musical Grease and when talking to AnsomErf-b1-p93Same-site.PNG quotes "You're the one that I want" (a song sung by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in the film version). The original plan for Transylvito and Charlescomm to ambush and kill Stanley, as described by Vinny to Don KingErf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG, likewise shows the dance-fighting styled after Grease (rather than the Transylvito-only West Side Story dance that actually takes placeErf-b1-p123Same-site.PNG).

Lord Stanley's dance-fight style is inspired by the American Rock Band, Kiss. The 'Knights In Stanley's Service' (K.I.S.S.) are based on a) the Kiss Army, Kiss's massive fan-club, and b) an accusation that the band name KISS once stood for 'Knights in Satan's Service'. Stanley wears the face-paint of Kiss band-member Paul 'The Starchild' Stanley, as their names draw an obvious parallel. Stanley also quotes two Kiss songs as rallying cries against the Transylvito forcesErf-b1-p123Same-site.PNG: "Stand up! You don't have to be afraid!" with his Knights answering "I love it... Loud!" from the 1982 I Love It Loud; and "Your lightning's all I need" from the 1977 Shock Me. The quotations seem directed to the Arkenhammer itself, referring to its powers of thunder, lightning, and electric guitar.

Wanda's dance-fight at the Garrison WallsErf-b1-p140Same-site.PNG is an obvious reference to Michael Jackson and his music video Thriller.

The Archons' Spell allows Ansom's troops to dance-fight by playing Dance Dance Revolution.


The exact mechanics of dance-fighting have yet to be explained in the comic.

The units that are to receive the dance-fight bonus must act 'in-time' with one another. To initiate a Dance-Fight bonus, the 'dancers' must have a leader. Once the dance-fight has commenced, all of the units in the stack appear to gain significant combat prowess against non-dance-fighting units.