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Race: Men
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Caster (Hat Magic)
Level: < 7

Proposed Canon

"Okay, Ace. What do you need?"

Strengths: Empathy, Helpfulness

Weaknesses: Size, Combat

First Appearance: LIAB 36

Cubbins is a Hat magician in the service of Jetstone.

He is a slight man with hair flipping out into wings on both sides, a baseball cap, collared short-sleeved shirt, and pointy elf shoes.

He is friends with Ace Hardware, thanks to his help providing Ace with materials for his accessories.

Cubbins has demonstrated his ability to do small object conjuration (pulling things from a hat).

Cubbins was held in reserve at Spacerock when three other casters were issued to Ossomer to defend the hex on his side of the Expository Bridge.


Cubbins may have no practical combat abilities or spells.

Cubbins is likely also responsible for the magic hats Jetstone uses for communication.

Real World References

Cubbins is a reference to Bartholomew Cubbins, a character of Dr Seuss's creation. The character met his king, and removed his hat in respect. Another one appeared on his head. The king, mindful of this disrespect, tried to have his hat removed, and eventually, tried to execute him. The executioner couldn't kill him as it was a rule you had to remove your hat. He kept removing them, new ones appearing on his head. After the 451st one, they started to become more beautiful and gilded, till he reached the 500th one. It was so beautiful that the king merely bought his hat for 500 golden coins rather than throwing him off a tall tower.