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Proposed Canon

An attack by Faq forces on two Jitterati cities in retaliation for their attack on the Transylvito outpost of White Castle; also strategically a chance for the new Warlords to gain experience toward levelling, and acting as a Fund Razer.

The first battle was a walkover, but the second was far more damaging to Jitterati, and Jillian keyed a betrayal of Jitterati by their allies that left the side in disarray and made Faq instantly more powerful.

Previous battle: Battle of White Castle
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: Battle of Chocula
Conflict: Transylvitian Wars
Date: 42 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob, 51 AW
Place: Kona and Valdez
Outcome: Kona and Valdez sacked by Faq, 20,000+ Shmuckers taken, Western Giants change sides to Faq

Kingdom of Faq



  • (at Kona) None, or negligible
  • (at Valdez) None