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Proposed Canon

Count Downer is a Jetstone warlord. He seems to be permanently depressed. During the attack on Jetstone, he is charged with escorting the double of King Slately to the throne room, during which he is croaked by an arrow.

Real World References

Count Downer's name is is a reference to the Saturday Night Live character "Debbie Downer", played by Rachel Dratch from the 2003 to 2006 seasons. The character would make unusually depressing or grim statements in response to conversations with other characters, usually ending in a "wah-wah" sound effect and a tight close-up of Dratch's facial expression. More than once, "Debbie Downer" sketches have resulted in the SNL cast members cracking up during the sketch, including her first appearance which was listed #99 on TV Land's "Top 100 Most Unexpected Moments in TV History".

A Countdown involves counting backwards as a way of measuring time before an event occurs.

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