Clay Dice

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Clay Dice
Race: Men
Faction: Goodminton
Class: Caster (Luckamancer)
Level: 3

Proposed Canon

Clay Dice is the Luckamancer of Goodminton, one of three casters controlled by the side at the time that Wanda was popped. Clay Dice is described as a quiet unit with a "sullen, barrel-gutted man in black leather pants and a too-small white linen shirt." IPTSF Text 2 It is intimated that he has a relationship with Delphie. He is croaked during the fall of Goodminton.

Real World References

Presumably, Clay Dice is named after the comedian Andrew Dice Clay.

Being a Luckamancer, his name is also likely a reference to dice, the plural of a die, an item rolled to generate random numbers. His name could also be a reference to his ability to change the odds. A die made out of clay (whether wet or dry) can be misshapen discretely by gently squeezing it in the palm of your hand. If you know what you are doing, you can make the die more likely to land on certain numbers.

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