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==Known Classes of Caster==
==Known Classes of Caster==

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Proposed Canon

Class is a characteristic of a Unit that futher defines its abilites beyond those of its Race and Level.

In the context of non-Casters, class appears to be a categorization of the unit's role and in combat. A unit may be promoted to a higher class, such as hobgobwin units whom Stanley promoted to Knight-class.

In the context of Casters, class appears to be a designation of power level. Wanda Firebaugh is a Master-class Croakamancer; Janis is a Master-class Hippiemancer; Maggie has more limited powers because she is only an Adept-class Thinkamancer.

It is unclear whether a Caster can achieve a higher class through leveling, through training, or through Schmucker-expending promotion.

Known Classes

Known Classes of Caster


Speculated Classes

Commander Classes