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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: TBFGK 73

According to the Book of Canon, The City of Heroes is a (possibly mythical) place in the afterlife where warlords who are courageous and good go after they croak, comparable to Valhalla of the Real World Vikings. It is the good counterpart of Hellabad.

Several units have expressed some sort of belief in the City of Heroes:

Vinnie's comments suggest that it is believed, by some units at least, that the Titans judge at night, after all turns have ended, if a unit may enter this place and start their next turn there.TBFGK 73


It is not explicitly stated that a unit has to croak in combat to go to the afterlife of City of Heroes, but given Wrigley's assertion that his death as a prisoner would not suffice to be selected, the inference is that death in battle is necessary seems strong.

The scripture refers to this place.

Units borne into the City of Heroes are said to be grouped into all-new Sides under the command of the Titans themselves, to fight the battle at the Last Turn which will end the world and bring unto all a new Erf.

If the City really exists, it's possible that some form of magic, possibly Weirdomancy, allows living Erfworlders to communicate or otherwise interact with the inhabitants of the City of Heroes.

Real World References

City of Heroes was an MMORPG. In the eponymous city that served as the game's setting, only Heroes are allowed to be created (there was a seperate city, complete with its own MMORPG, for villains), which may indicate that the Erfworld equivalent is a resting place for "Good" units.

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