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City Zones There is no connection from Airspace to Courtyard for attackers. The garrison consists of 3 zones

Each city is split into different City Zones. Possible zones include Airspace, Outer walls, Tunnels and Garrison. Not all cities have all types of city zones, and some may have some that aren't listed. However, each city must have a Garrison Zone. Furthermore, each City Zone may be split into different sub-zones.


Airspace can only be entered by Flying units. Airspace can attack, or be attacked by, Tower garrison sub-zone. bCmPMv TYVM you've solved all my problems


Main Article: Tunnels
Tunnels can only be entered by light Units or units with a natural ability allowing them to enter tunnels, like Spidews and Sourmanders. Tunnels can attack, or be attacked by, the dungeon garrison sub-zone.


(For a description of the Unit attribute Garrison, see Garrison Ability.)

All cities have a garrison zone. When the garrison falls, so does the city. Garrisons can contain sub-zones.

The Units defending a City are also called its Garrison. These Units are assigned the Garrison Ability.


Each sub-zone could be attacked from only one of the main city zones. Outer Walls only connect to Courtyard, Airspace connects to Tower, and Tunnels connect to Dungeon. Once an attacker enters a Garrison zone, it can assault any other garrison sub-zone.Erf-b1-p116aSame-site.PNG

Both attacking and defending Units can move between the Garrison sub-zones off turn. LIAB Page 52


Courtyard can only be attacked from Outer Walls, and then only when the Garrison Walls have been breached.


Tower can only be attacked from Airspace, which can only be entered by Flying Units.


Dungeon can only be attacked from Tunnels, which can only be entered by light Units or a unit with a natural ability allowing it to do so.


Each city may have different Garrison sub-zones, depending on it's construction. For instance, a subterranean city wouldn't have an airspace and therefore, no tower. Similarly, not each garrison sub zone needs to connect to main city zone. A subterranean city might have a courtyard, but no outer walls. Spacerock is one such oddity, having dungeons but no tunnels (this is marked up to being the unique aspect that comes with being a Level 5 city) Erf-b2-p25Same-site.PNG.

A Courtyard possibly provides a bonus to certain units on defense, such as Warlords and/or pikers

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