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'The City of Gobwin Knob from Page 121.'

Proposed Canon

Cities are fixed locations in Erfworld. They can produce units and are the usual locations to find Casters.

Some cities are capitals for Capital Sides.

Cities, like Units, have Levels; the lowest being level 1 and the highest being level 5. A city's level depends on its size and the strength of its defensive emplacement. Shmuckers can be used to pay for the growth or change of a city. Damaged cities lose levels. Higher-level cities are better defended.Erf-b1-p0133Same-site.PNG A city's level does not necessarily take into account its true defensive strength.

Cities come replete with buildings, but no civilian inhabitants; no 'populace.' Units popped in the city or brought in from outside may live in the buildings, and they may also be used for storage, but they are not houses with families, or shops, etc. They are popped empty and remain so until filled by the city's garrison.

Capital cities are usually ruled by the Ruler of a Side. When a Ruler dies without an heir, the cities of that Side become Neutral. Units inside these cities are not allowed to Move, attack, cast Spells: they are essentially frozen in time, at the mercy of attackers.

Destroyed cities may be claimed by either Barbarian WarlordsErf-b1-p083Same-site.PNG or Warlords of another SideErf-b1-p078Same-site.PNG. A destroyed city is not the same as a ruin

Unit Production

The Ruler sets the Unit production for the city. Each city can produce certain types of Units, as well as Units of particular rank, like Warlords. (For example, Gobwin Knob can produce most types of dwagons, but not gwiffons.WoT-6051503 Bigger units take longer to produce.Erf-b1-p043aSame-site.PNG Cities ruled by a Royal can produce royals and nobles.

City Zones

Cities are divided into Zones. A city is treated as a single hex for the owning Side: no Move is expended for the owning Side's Units when transferring from Zone to Zone, allowing the defensive units to redeploy to protect the city at will (though it still takes time to actually move the distance). Enemy Sides must expend Move in order to enter a city Zone. There may be restrictions on where a Zone can be attacked from.

Known City Zones

The most thoroughly described Zones were in Gobwin Knob before it was destroyed. Other cities may be built differently.Erf-b1-p098aSame-site.PNG and Erf-b1-p116aSame-site.PNG

  • Outer Walls -- may only be passed if breached
  • Tunnels -- may only be entered by light units, with some exceptions
  • Airspace -- may only be entered by fliers
  • Garrison -- may be attacked from any of the other zones above; however, if the attackers come from the Outer Walls they must breach an additional set of garrison walls. In Gobwin Knob, Garrison is further divided into three zones
  • Special Zone:
    • Lava Lake -- may only be crossed by fliers, may not be landed on.

It is known that in Gobwin Knob before the Volcano Uncroaking, for purposes of attacking, Outer Walls only connect to Courtyard, Airspace connects to Tower, and Tunnels connect to Dungeon, but once an attacker enters a Garrison Zone, it can assault any other Garrison Zone.Erf-b1-p116aSame-site.PNG After the end of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, the new city had a different structure, which may include a Zone -re-mapping. Tunnels may be entirely inaccessible outside the city, and will take time rebuilding as the mountain is mined. A lava lake covers one approach, and can only be crossed by fliers.

The city of Transylvito has been described as having an Outer Walls zone as well as a Garrison zone and an Airspace. There are also towers, but it is unknown if these are zones in and of themselves, or parts of the Garrison or Outer Walls.

Other City Locations

A city may include some other important locations, such as:

Capital Cities

Each Side may have only one Capital city. It is the only place where Units can be promoted to Warlord.Erf-b1-p043aSame-site.PNG

When a Capital falls, and its Ruler is not present, the Ruler reverts to being a Barbarian.


Courtyard -- possibly provides a bonus to certain units on defense, such as Warlords and/or pikers