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Proposed Canon

Chocula is a Level Two Transylvito city a short distance from Blackula. Caesar states that Chocula is five turns flight from the Transylvito capital.

See the Battle of Chocula for details on the fighting that took place there.

Architecture and Appearance

The wall enclosing the city is a speckled brown sandstone. The buildings within the city are composed of clay brick and timber with a thatch roof overhead. As a level two city, Chocula had a modest garrison with a tower and courtyard.

Battle to Retake Chocula

Carpool realized that with Transylvito stuck in a growing war, they did not have the resources to push them around anymore. Vinny had worried earlier that Carpool would eventually put something nasty into the city and take Transylvito by surprise when they came to reconquer it.

This is exactly what they did in Carport about 40 turns after TBfGK, when they attacked the city by water and then followed that with a massive air defense buildup of archers, spell defenses and air heads. The Transylvito flying units attacked and lost two warlords. Carpool decided to try the same tactic in Chocula. They built up a significant force of archers and the Carpool Shockmancer spelled up the tower to make sure any flying unit that attacked would be croaked.

Transylvito lacked sufficient resources for an attack in force on Chocula, but Don King ordered it to be retaken anyway. Caesar Borgata was sent with Broadway Tony and a small force of bats, birds, two Battle Bears, and some goyles. Caesar suspected the Carpudlians had a nasty trap waitng for them like they did in Carport. He broke with the usual Transylvito battle plan of attacking by air and instead focused on what little ground siege he had and used the rest of his air forces to provide him cover while he attacked the gates. With Caesar's strategy of avoiding an attack on the tower and the sacrifice of Broadway Tony and most of their force, Transylvito was narrowly able to retake the city. Caesar was badly wounded in the attack but he was able to take 200 prisoners.

Real World References

Count Chocula was the first in a series of monster-themed cereals released by General Mills, beginning in 1971. However, the "snap! crackle! pop!" sound it made as it burnt are characteristic of Kellogg's Rice Crispies. Count Chocula is a pun on the vampire Count Dracula.