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Proposed Canon

The Chief Warlord is the military leader of all Units of his Ruler's Side, and is subordinate to that Ruler alone. It is a military position and pinnacle of the command structure. There is only one Chief Warlord per Side. Chief Warlords are traditionally responsible for planning their sides strategy. However, this tradition is breaking down on both sides of the current conflict. Ansom, Caesar, and Duncan Scone have all recently found that their authority to plan strategy has been limited for various different reasons.

A Chief Warlord:

  • commands all Units of his or her Side, excepting only the Ruler who is the highest authority of the Side and can overrule the Chief Warlord's orders. If the stakes are high enough however, the Chief Warlord can give even their ruler orders.
  • may end his or her Side's TurnErf-b1-p007-p5Same-site.PNG but can be overruled by their Ruler.Erf-b1-p112-p10Same-site.PNG
  • confers a Leadership Bonus to all Units in a City he or she occupies.Erf-b1-p040aSame-site.PNG
  • confers a partial (30%) Leadership Bonus to all Units in the same SideErf-b1.5-p033Same-site.PNG
  • confers a halved (50%) Leadership Bonus to all Units in the same Hex.Erf-b1-p113Same-site.PNGErf-b1.5-p033Same-site.PNG
  • confers a full (100%) Leadership Bonus to all Units in the same stack.Erf-b1-p113Same-site.PNG
  • can claim a city for his or her Side.Erf-b1-p078Same-site.PNG
    • This ability may not be unique to the Chief Warlord, it may be possible for any Warlord or Commander to claim city sites.
  • Has a special sense that allows them to detect city stats and whether or not enemy units have invaded.
  • is subject to Duty. (See below.)
  • can form Alliances.Erf-b1-p121Same-site.PNG
  • can promote Garrison units to field units.
  • can accept the turning of an enemy unit. IPTSF Text 62
  • can disobey a direct order of their ruler if their Duty compels them to act for the good of their side.IPTSF Text 63
  • It is possible that Chief Warlords can set production, but like most of their decision making abilities, they can be overruled by the Ruler.Erf-b1.5-p040Same-site.PNG

Should a Chief Warlord be captured, then so long as their ruler does not appoint a new one in their place, they will automatically recover their position when freed.WB2014 Lord Crush - Part 5 If a Chief Warlord turns however, they will not automatically recover their position should they choose to come back.Hvs.tCF 124


Duty, a Natural Thinkamancy, has greatest effect on the Chief Warlord. This spell-like effect causes the Chief Warlord to use his or her initiative in the service of the Ruler. This also prevents the Chief Warlord from withholding information and prevents the Chief Warlord from conspiring against the Ruler, but as with all Thinkamancies, this is not a compulsion, so a Chief Warlord could betray the Ruler with a good enough reason. (See discussion page for arguments.)

Known Chief Warlords

Active Chief Warlords:

Former Chief Warlords:


It is implied that an Uncroaked unit cannot be a Chief Warlord. When Manpower is killed at the Battle of Warchalking, Stanley sends Wanda to uncroak him, and also orders her to select another unit from the ranks to be promoted into his place. That replacement would have been unnecessary if it were possible for him to remain Chief Warlord in his Uncroaked state, or if another uncroaked warlord could peform the task. It is likely that this is because a Chief Warlord needs to have the upper-level brain functions lost during the uncroaking process. The Chief Warlord needs to give orders, not take them, and uncroaked are capable of only simple tasks, reasoning not included. Either that or the zombification reduces the Leadership bonus given by a Warlord to the point where it would have been better to promote a low level unit to Chief Warlord.

Possible Previous Chief Warlords

The following may have been Chief Warlords: