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Proposed Canon

This unfortunately named side is or was a Royal side created by Dairious I, said to be a grandson of Lunesta (Ruler of Unisom), one of the original Queens created by the Titans. If true this side would be among the earliest sides to be created by mortal hands. It is said that Jetstone is descended from this side.

Former Inhabitants

  • King Dairious I, founded the side, fate unknown, but given his age, almost certainly dead.
  • Prince Alvin, founded the side of Woodshole.


As the 'burg' part of the side's name may mean 'a self governing fortified city or town', it may indicate that this was a single city side.

Real World References

Cheeseburg may be a reference to the food, Cheeseburger; or the colloquial term for "boss", Big Cheese, or perhaps the term cheesy.