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Faction: Charlescomm
Class: Ruler (Overlord)
Special: Arkendish,
Eyebook Username: CharlsNChrg
Eyebook Sound: Ta-da!

Proposed Canon

Charlie is the Ruler of Charlescomm, a Side in Erfworld. Charlie is not Royal, so he is an Overlord.

Charlie is attuned to a powerful artifact - the Arkendish, one of four known Arkentools.

Charlie has made a magical deal with Parson and has the ability to force Parson to make twelve mathamancy calculations on Parson's Mathamancy Bracer. So far, Charlie has spent some of these on:

  • Two calculations on the strength of Gobwin Knob vs. hypothetical Archon attacks. These calculations were requested immediately after the deal was made.Erf-b1-p103Same-site.PNG
  • One calculation on the odds of Gobwin Knob still standing after at the end of the current turn.Erf-b1-p105Same-site.PNG
  • One calculation on the odds that forfeiting the eight remaining calculations would be a fair exchange for learning why the Archon units lost at Gobwin Knob now fight for Stanley. The calculation (a 4.14% chance of the exchange being worth it) led Charlie to refuse the deal. This calculation backfired somewhat, as it showed Parson that his bracer could perform highly specific calculations on future events, something Parson had not considered possible.Erf-b1.5-p039Same-site.PNG


The Arkendish gives him unmatched abilities in ThinkamancyErf-b1-p088Same-site.PNG, but the extent of these abilities is not described. It may explain his ability to hack into the supposedly secure Eyebooks.Erf-b1-p100Same-site.PNG It may also explain his undestanding of Parson's Real World leetspeak chat lingo in Eyebook messages, if its power extends to reading surface thoughts at long range, or through the Eyebook which already provides that function.

Maggie and some other people in Erfworld consider Charlie enigmatic and bizarre.Erf-b1-p088Same-site.PNG Stanley the Plaid has, in Wanda's words, a "strong personal dislike for Charlie."Erf-b1-p043Same-site.PNG

Charlie is not a loyal person as the term is normally used, and is content to play just about all Sides so that he ends up maximizing his Side's gain during a negotiation; however, to protect Charlescomm's reputation, he does not break alliances outright, nor will he abandon an Alliance that has ended a contract. He has been known to make his services prohibitively expensive, in order to avoid the appearance that he is contracting with the Side opposing a previous employer in a conflict. This is inconsistent with normal mercenary behavior, and may help explain the confusion other Erfworlders have concerning his reliability.

Charlie provides his employees with significant freedom in providing their services to clients. Employees are permitted to provide freebies or not, at their own discretion.

Charlie seems to be pretty good at remembering his underlings names, as opposed to Stanley; at least when remembering his archons' names.

After the Battle of Gobwin Knob, most of the members of the Royal Crown Coalition believe he is working with Stanley and refuse to deal with him. However, he has managed to form a tentative alliance with Queen Jillian.

Real World References

Charlie and Charlie's Archons are references to a television series Charlie's Angels featuring 3 young women working as private investigators for their boss, Charlie, whose face is never seen on screen. If this homage continues, we will never see Charlie's face, though we may catch sight of extremities or a silhouette.

His eyebook name is based on the title of the show Charles in Charge.