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'Your battlespace solutions provider'
Mission Statement: Team members will integrate core competencies utilizing best practices to achieve total battlespace saturation, and to provide just-in-time client solutions.

Proposed Canon

Charlescomm is an Erfworld side lead by the mysterious Charlie. Its capital is a mountaintop city clad in blue, topped by the ominous Arkendish.

Charlescomm sells the services of its Units as mercenaries, even those of its Ruler (only those available remotely). It deals in anything of value, and does not operate on cash-only policies. Although Charlie (the primary dealmaker of Charlescomm, as well as its Ruler) will consider any offer, reputation is important to him, so Charlescomm will normally not change Sides in a conflict, as most mercenaries would.

Services known to be offered by Charlie himself include contract Thinkamancy and manipulation of employers. The Archons, Charlescomm's primary off-site consulting Unit, can provide significant combat casting abilities based on Shockmancy and/or Thinkamancy, and Foolamancy as well as a range of other services such as spell security. Clients choose which services they wish the Archons to provide. Archons interpret contracts themselves, and have on occasion provided more than the client contracted, but this must not be relied upon since it is up to each Archon to decide whether to go beyond the scope of the contract.


At least part of Charlescomm's power derives from Charlie's possession of and attunement to the Arkendish - how powerful this faction would be without such a significant artifact in their possession is unlikely to be revealed.

Charlescomm in the Royal Crown Coalition

Charlescomm provided 15 units to the Coalition, which were probably all Archons.

Charlescomm in Gobwin Knob Airspace

Charlie sent at least 30 Archons to Gobwin Knob Airspace in the return of the Volcano Uncroaking. Of these, 28 were decrypted, and now serve Gobwin Knob.

Business Theme

Charlescomm is styled very much like a corporation while most sides are styled as nations. In addition Charlescomm seems to be heavily dependant upon trade with other sides, as opposed to producing for it's own consumption. Both Charlie and his Archons tend to use "corporate-speak".

Charlescomm is not a Royal side and is tolerated, but not accepted by Royals. This may be a parallel to the real world conflict that occurred between the declining nobles classes and the rising business classes.