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'Your battlespace solutions provider'


An Erfworld side lead by the mysterious Charlie. Apparently content to act as a mercenary organisation - albiet with a strong air of management consultancy - Charlie sells his services to the highest bidder, but is always open to a better offer.

Services known to be offered by CharlesComm include contract Thinkamancy and the assistance of his Archons. The Archons can provide significant combat casting abilities, thinkamancy and a range of other services dependant on the service package that they have been hired under and are even capable of directing troops in a dance fight. The client should bear the terms of his contract carefully in mind - Charlie is known to keep to the letter of his contract, but should not be relied upon to do more. There are no freebies at CharlesComm.

At least part of CharlesComm's power derives from Charlie's possession of and, we presume, attunement to the Arkendish - how powerful this faction would be without such a significant artifact in their possession is unknown. And unlikely to ever be known.