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What constitutes a "Character"?

I would say tat to be a character three conditions must be met:

  • A character must be a person, or at least an empathetic animal. It must be able to act, think, feel. We must be able to emphasize with it. For instance Wanda's wardrobe isn't a character because we wouldn't care if it was destroyed and replaced.
  • A character must be individual in a significant way. For instance Stanley's platted red dwagon is not an individual. There are (or at least could be) other red plated dwagons, and being "Stanley's" isn't a characteristic of the dwagon itself. Having a name is individual, but it may not have any significance.
  • A character must have narrative persistence. The character needs to appear at more then one point in the naration. These appearances can be direct, references to the character, or new things that imply the character's existence.

I'll leave this here for a while for discussion. If we have consensus (or silence) I'll post these as rules on the page. --Paper Golem 23:58, 6 October 2009 (UTC)