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**[[Parson_Gotti|Parson Gotti]] (Chief Warlord) (Summoned)
**Native (all deceased, uncroaked and destroyed):
**[[Prince_Ansom|Prince Ansom]] (former Chief Warlord) (deceased, Decrypted, originally from Jetstone, captured by Faq)
***[[Archduke_Ferdinand|Archduke Ferdinand]]
**[[Archduke_Ferdinand|Archduke Ferdinand]] (deceased, uncroaked, presumed destroyed)
***[[Sir_Leeroy_Jenkins|Sir Leeroy Jenkins]]
**[[Sir_Leeroy_Jenkins|Sir Leeroy Jenkins]] (deceased, uncroaked, destroyed)
***[[Manpower_the_Temporary|Manpower the Temporary]] (former Chief Warlord)
**[[Manpower_the_Temporary|Manpower the Temporary]] (former Chief Warlord) (deceased, uncroaked, destroyed)
***[[Lady_Phat-Singh|Lady Phat-Singh]]
**[[Lady_Phat-Singh|Lady Phat-Singh]] (deceased, uncroaked, destroyed)
***[[Ensign Toast|Ensign Toast]]
**[[Ensign Toast|Ensign Toast]] (deceased, uncroaked, presumed destroyed)
**Gained from [[Decrypted|decryption]]
**[[K.C.]] (former Chief Warlord of Unaroyal, deceased, Decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
***[[Prince_Ansom|Prince Ansom]] (former Chief Warlord) (originally from Jetstone) (currently captured by Faq)
**[[Princess Cruz]] (former Heir of Unaroyal, deceased, Decrypted by Gobwin Knob, destroyed)
***[[K.C.]] (former Chief Warlord of Unaroyal)
**[[Prince Ossomer]] (former Chief Warlord of Jetstone, deceased, Decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
***[[Princess Cruz]] (former Heir of Unaroyal) (destroyed)
**[[Lady Sylvia Lazarus]] (formerly of Unaroyal, deceased, Decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
***[[Prince Ossomer]] (former Chief Warlord of Jetstone)
***[[Lady Sylvia Lazarus]] (formerly of Unaroyal)
***[[Parson_Gotti|Parson Gotti]] (Chief Warlord) (Summoned)
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***[[Mung]] (henchman) (presumed deceased, possibly decrypted)
***[[Mung]] (henchman) (deceased, possibly decrypted)
***[[Vurp]] (Knight-Class)
***[[Vurp]] (Knight-Class)

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A character is any person or individual. Pages regarding characters may also be included in this category without having the subject of one specific person. Characters are grouped below according to several schemes followed by a list of all pages in the category arranged alphabetically.

What constitutes a "Character"?

To be a character three conditions must be met:

  • A character must be a person, or at least an empathetic animal. It must be able to act, think and feel. We must be able to empathize with it. For instance, Wanda's wardrobe isn't a character, because we wouldn't care if it were destroyed and replaced.
  • A character must be individual in a significant way. For instance, Stanley's plated red dwagon is not an individual. There are (or at least could be) other red plated dwagons, and being "Stanley's" isn't a characteristic of the dwagon itself. Having a name is individual, but it may not have any significance.
  • A character must have narrative persistence. The character needs to appear at more than one point in the narration. These appearances can be direct, references to the character, or new things that imply the character's existence.

Character paraphernalia and insignificant individuals

If, for whatever reason, there are pages with topics that are character-like or related, feel free to include them in this category, but please try to avoid adding cordwood to the taxonomies.

By Side


  • Ruler:
  • Troops (all archons):
    • Jaclyn (deceased, uncroaked by Gobwin Knob, destroyed)
    • Patty (deceased, decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
    • Maxene (deceased, decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
    • LaVerne (deceased, decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
    • Ginger (deceased, decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
    • MaryAnn (deceased, decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
    • Hilary



Gobwin Knob


Magic Kingdom

Sofa King

  • Warlords:
    • Duke Nozzle (Deceased, presumably Decrypted by Gobwin Knob)


  • Other:
    • Benjamin: Presumed to be a Moneymancer or Mathamancer


  • Warlords:
    • Princess Cruz (former Heir, deceased, Decrypted by Gobwin Knob, destroyed)
    • K.C. (former Chief Warlord, deceased, Decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
    • Lady Sylvia Lazarus (deceased, Decrypted by Gobwin Knob)
  • Troops

By Occupation




Chief Warlord

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