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In Erfworld, there are four known Arkentools. In this wiki, there are three known Arkentools. In speculation, there are dozens of theoretical Arkentools. Make of that what you will.


There are three known Arkentools: The Arkenhammer, Arkendish, and Arkenpliers. Four are said to exist. Each is believed to have been a tool of the Titans, divine Elvis like beings, who originally created Erfworld. Whether they were left on purpose or by accident by the legendary Titans is unknown, however, Toolists believe the Titans left them on purpose. Overtime it is apparent that individual may be Attuned to a given arkentool. In this sense, attunement means that upon contact they abilities of an arkentool that would otherwise be latent. It is unknown if different individuals upon attunement to a given arkentool unleash different Titanic powers. Attunement itself is extremely rare and apparently not easily predicted, but possible as in the case of the Arkenpliers and Wanda Firebaugh.

The Arkenhammer


The Arkenhammer is currently held by Stanley the Plaid, Overlord of the side Gobwin Knob. Stanley is attuned to the Arkenhammer and thus can cause it to express certain abilities that would otherwise be latent in the Arkenhammer. The Arkenhammer can be used to

  • "Rock Out". Rock music being the highest form of music on Erfworld, per Stanley, the Arkenhammer in his hands can be used as a faux guitar and cause a full heavy metal rock music sound to be created at tremendously loud volumes. Rocking Out may convey combat advantages and perhaps be used in Dance Fighting as well.
  • Transmute walnuts into pigeons
  • Command Dragons
  • Turn Dragons to the owners Side

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