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There are three known Arkentools: The Arkenhammer, Arkendish, and Arkenpliers. Four Arkentools are said to exist. Each Arkentools are reported by many Sides to have originated as a tool of the Titans, divine Elvis like beings who originally created Erfworld presumably using Arkentools. Whether the Arkentools were left on purpose or by accident by the Titans is unknown, however, Toolists believe the Titans left them on purpose. Both the origins of the Arkentools and the Titan themselves are reported as if from legend. There are no known first hand accounts or documents of the legends.


It appears that individuals may attune to a given Arkentool and unleash latent Titanic powers. In this sense, attunement means that upon physical contact between the Arkentool and the individual Titanic abilities are unleashed that would otherwise be latent. It is unknown if different individuals upon attunement to a given arkentool release different Titanic powers or if multiple individuals can even attune to the same Arkentool, though to date it appears only one individual is ever attuned to a given Arkentool at one time.

Attunement itself is noted as extremely rare and not easily predicted, but such predictions as an aspect of Fate axiomatic Predictamancy are possible as in the case of the Arkenpliers and Wanda Firebaugh. It appears that either the Titanic powers unleashed by attunement may be an amalgam of the attuned person's personality/powers and the Arkentool or that only a person predisposed to a required personality and powers would be able to attune to a given Arkentool. (See Toolist below for third Theory). Arkentools can be used by those un-attuned to them for superior but relatively mundane purposes without Titanic powers. The mundane powers appear to also be related to the Titanic powers as such was the case of Prince Ansom and the Arkenpliers as he could destroy Uncroaked units with them, but Wanda Firebaugh, a Naughtymancer was able to unleash Titanic Uncroaked powers with the Arkenpliers upon attunement.

Toolists and Fate Perspective on Arkentools

Some individuals, notably Stanley the Plaid, ascribe to a belief in Toolism. That the Arkentools represent the will of the Titans themselves. As such, the claim attunement to an Arkentool surpasses Royalty in declaring a legitimate right to rule. Others, notably Wanda Firebaugh, see the Arkentools as players aligned to timeless Fate itself with attunement and the Arkentools as simply players in Fate.

The Arkenhammer



The Arkenhammer is currently attuned to and held by Stanley the Plaid, Overlord of the side Gobwin Knob. Stanley is attuned to the Arkenhammer and thus can cause it to express certain Titanic abilities that would otherwise be latent. The Arkenhammer can be used to

  • "Rock Out". Rock music being the highest form of music on Erfworld, per Stanley, the Arkenhammer in his hands can be used as a faux guitar and cause a full heavy metal rock music sound to be created at tremendously loud volumes. Rocking Out may convey combat advantages and perhaps be used in Dance Fighting as well.
  • Transmute walnuts into pigeons, (and Orlies into walnuts)
  • Command Dragons
  • Turn Dragons to the owner's Side

The Arkendish


Arkendish 1.png

The Arkendish is currently attuned to and held by Charlie, Overlord of Charlescomm. Unlike the other Arkentools, the Arkendish does not appear portable and appears to be installed in the Capital City of Charlescomm. Most the specific Titanic powers granted to the amalgam attunement of Charlie and the Arkendish are unknown, however, it is known they they allow Charlie Titanic Thinkamancy powers or powers to work with Grandiocosmic Strings that mimic Thinkamancy. This has allowed Charlie to be the "telecom giant of Erfworld" and this is the main thing Charlie used the Arkendish for These powers are so great they even threaten the Thinkamancy organization of Great Minds That Think Alike. Part of the reason that the actual powers of Charlie and the Arkendish are not known is that some of Charlescomm abilities may stem from Archon Thinkamancy abilities or Charlie's own abilities inferred to be a benefit stemming from the Arkendish and Charlie has never confirmed any of this.

The Arkenpliers be filled out

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