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==Caster Creation==
''Casters'' are created in the same way as [[warlords]]; when a [[Side]] pops a warlord, there is a chance it will get a caster instead.  The Side also does not get to choose the type of caster it receives.  Some Erf culture appears to hold that the [[Titans]] decide when a Side will pop casters. There is no way to intentionally pop a caster.
=Proposed Canon=
Casters are [[unit]]s that can use [[scroll]]s and cast [[spell]]s. While certain [[unit]]s can use [[spell]]s or spell-like abilities (e.g. [[Archons]]), Casters are the only units in [[Erfworld]] that can learn and cast [[spell]]s beyond their unit's specific ability or spell set. Casters are further defined as being [[Commander]]s and being able to form [[caster link]]s. Casters are called by their class or discipline, so a caster who casts from [[Lookamancy]] is called a Lookamancer, and a caster who does general [[Hippiemancy]] would be called a Hippiemancer.
==Using Magic==
Every caster belongs to a [[magic|magical]] discipline (e.g. [[thinkamancy]] or [[croakamancy]]) and can cast spells from that discipline. Some casters can only cast spells belonging to their discipline, while other casters can cast spells from multiple disciplines.{{erf|1|013}} Multi-discipline casters are uncommon and there may be limits on what spells they can cast and how successful those spells are.
Casting spells uses a caster's [[juice]]{{erf|1|104}} so there is a limit on the amount of magic a caster can perform during one turn {{erf|1|090}}. Casters can extend this limit by creating and using [[scroll]]s. Scrolls increase the versitility of casters by allowing them to cast spells they don't know or spells that are part of a discipline they can't otherwise cast from.{{erf|1|126}}.
Like [[Warlord]]s, Casters are [[commander]]s and can lead [[units]] in combat. {{erf|1|084a|Parson's Klog #10}} However, they almost never do so since they are too rare and valuable to risk. Moreover, they do not have the [[Leadership]] ability and do not grant a [[Leadership]] [[Combat#Combat_Bonuses|bonus]] to units under their direct command. Some casters can grant a special bonus to particular units, presumably limited to those directly tied to their magical specialty. For example, Dirtamancers provide bonuses to [[golems]] under their command, and Croakamancers provide bonuses to [[uncroaked]] units.{{erf|1|084a|Parson's Klog #10}}
In some situations, casters can also grant abilities to units under their command. For example, a Croakamancer can grant the [[Dance-Fighting]] special ability to [[Uncroaked]] units under its command. {{erf|1|127}}  The Caster would likely need to possess the dance-fighting ability on their own to be able to bestow it to other units.
==Caster Links==
''Main Article: [[caster link]]''
A Thinkamancer can join one or two other casters together into a [[caster link]] allowing those casters to cast powerful spells,  multi-discipline spells, or create multi-discipline [[Magic_Item|magical items]] or scrolls. The most powerful spells and items (apart from those created and used by [[Titans]]) are created by linked casters.
==Magic Kingdom==
''Main Article: [[Magic Kingdom]]''
The [[Magic Kingdom]] is an island that can only be entered by casters through [[portal]]s in [[Erfworld]] [[city|cities]].  Communities of [[barbarian]] casters live here, and the island is divided into eight sections, one for each class of magic.  Casters of the various disciplines co-mingle freely, including those who are members of different [[side]]s, who may enter and leave through [[Portal Park]] to socialize or deal with other casters for their [[Ruler]]s.
As barbarians, Casters from the Magic Kingdom may be hired as mercenaries, for use by the hiring [[Side]], as [[Faq]] did with [[Vanna]].
Casters can receive orders from Warlords and Rulers while the caster is in the Magic Kingdom.
==Croaked Casters==
Once a caster is croaked they may be uncroaked.  An uncroaked caster does not retain spellcasting abilities and functions as generic uncroaked infantry.{{Erf|1|077a|Uncroaked casters just function as infantry}}
It is currently unknown if casters can still cast after being [[decrypted]]. This, among other reasons, led Stanley to deny Wanda from attempting to croak [[Jack Snipe]] and decrypt him instead of healing him{{erf|2|11|6}} (supposedly because the healing scrolls were getting harder to come by, probably due to resistance from [[Healomancy|Healomancers]] in the [[Magic Kingdom]]).
==Caster Creation==
Casters are extremely rare, largely because they cannot be popped intentionally.
After a side pops its first caster, popping another caster becomes much more unlikely.
Many sides seem to have [[Thinkamancer]]s (at least three among the combatants of the [[Battle for Gobwin Knob]]).  They may be more commonly popped than members of other Disciplines.  Conversely, even in the Magic Kingdom, [[Dirtamancer]]s are apparently rare and in demand.
Some additional possibilities on how casters' numbers might be restricted:
* As a side has existed for more turns, the chance of popping a caster decreases.
* Each time a side pops a caster, the chances of popping another decreases.
* There is a limit on the number of casters in the world (could be based on each type)
** The odds of a caster popping decreases as the number of casters in the world increases
** There is a hard limit on the number of casters in the world
** It may be that sides are limited to a maximum number of casters.  For example, three or fewer, with it being rare but possible to pop up to three casters.  Capture, however, would be more beneficial since it allows for more than the minimum number and it means the casters may have already leveled.
==Casters, Sides, and the Magic Kingdom==
The [[Magic Kingdom]] is a special location that only casters can enter.  Casters from active sides can enter and exit the Magic Kingdom via portals.  However, some casters in the Magic Kingdom do not belong to sides on Erfworld.  The number of casters in the Magic Kingdom may, at any given time, outnumber those elsewhere on Erfworld.
==Caster levelling==
Leveling for casters may work differently then for other [[unit]]s. If casters need to kill enemy units to gain [[experience]] then leveling could be very difficult due to the fact that casters tend to be kept in [[capital]] cities.  Some types, such as [[florist]]s, might not even possess any magical means to [[croak]] another unit. Note that in Book Two, Text Update 45, Sizemore says that he has gained three levels recently, two from croaking units ("from traps and combat") and one from other activities ("from all of the city rebuilding"). So it seems canon that not all caster leveling comes from croaking units.
Caster levels are often refered to as their [[class]], often before the type of caster. This class may also determine what ability a caster has at casting spells outside their discipline. A master-class caster may be able to cast spells that are not their forte with greater ease. An example is Wanda who is a Master-Class Croakamancer but claims to be able to cast other spells with ease (though she has little interest in doing so), whereas the two other casters most commonly seen (Maggie and Sizemore) either cannot or do not cast outside of their discipline. It is known Maggie is only an Adept-Class, but Sizemore's class is unknown. Given his power compared to Wanda's, as well as his expectation that he could reach master class prowess soon (Book Two, Text Update 45), it seems likely that he is only be an Adept at the middle of Book Two. If so, this would offer an explanation as to his self-professed lack of talent in other disciplines.
It is possible that casters gain experience by using magic or by simply participating in a battle in any way.
[[Category:Proposed Canon]]

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I'm impressed! You've managed the almsot impossible.