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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by forum user IronDino.


Caste is a Side of Erfworld ruled by the Overlord Cedric Harvey a Foolamancer. Its Chief Warload is Strademan the Skeptic. Caste has no preference the architectural designs of its two cities, instead adopting to use the already established designs. Its livery is a simple depiction of three spheres, the first of blue and green splotches, the second of yellow with a ray or white coming down, and the third of gray with a black infinity sign all encompassed in a light brown oval.


Caste is a unique side primarily composed of Barbarians who have slowly been turned to the Caste. Peaceful and looking to avoid conflict for as long as possible, through combination of Foolamancy, Flower Power, and Predictamancy (when available), they look to dissuade the approach of all units to their kingdom. Reputed for most of higher roles that are often assumed by Warlord being replaced with Caster’s it’s rumored that they have come across an artifact that allows the intentional popping of Casters. Scouts are more often subjected to Cedric’s complex Foolamancy to dissuade further inquiries.


The Kingdom of Caste is located many hexes north northwest of Dhrystone in the midst of a dense forest known as the Unsur Wood. It is at least 10 turns travel away from the furthest reaches of the Great Western Conflict. With such a northern locale, the air can grow quite crisp and is highly prone to fog and occasionally light snow or hail, an effect eagerly capitalized upon by Cedric.


Caste’s territory consists of a small rectangular range of 15 hexes latitude by 18 hexes longitude. It consists of two cities, both level 3, a ruin, and a lake as well as thick forests throughout. A road has been established to connect the two cities. To the Northwest of the ruins appears to be mountains. The region is highly prone to fog and occasionally light snow or hail.


The Capital of Caste is Sanderston, a Level 3 with an interesting domed tower design that grants a sizeable boost to any Caster inside. Another unique facet is it's spring loaded troop platforms, capable to damaging any unit on top of them and flooding the outer walls with anywhere up to two-thousand troops. Apart from that the city is fairly undeveloped in regards to production, popping only Men, and various siege units. However, in concert with Cedric’s Foolamancy, Audrey’s Flower Power, and Astaire’s Dollamancy it will instead begin to pop Yeren and Nawacawha. Other replacement units are capable, but only under certain circumstances. Sanderston also houses the Charson-M, the final remnant of Cedric’s wandering days. Has a high upkeep but can refill up to 4 caster’s juice to full in a turn.

'The Architecture of Heuveland'

Other Cities

Heuveland: Another Level 3 and Caste’s original capital, acts as a fallback position should Sanderston come under siege. Has a large amount of traps and safeguards to prevent ambush. Should Sandeston fall, Heuveland’s defense would kick in, continuously veiling it, using Cedric’s Infinite Veil Technique. Heuveland houses the Charson-P, a marvel of theoretical planning made into fruition as a Magical Item. It has a high upkeep but can refill up to 7 caster’s juice to full in a turn. Conversely, it can be used to create Assault Rods, requiring a single turn to create an Alkine Assault Rod (Alkaline Battery), three turns to create a Znago Assault Rod (Silver Oxide Battery), and ten turns to create a Liion Assault Rod (Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery). It can then refuel a depleted Liion Assault Rod in a single turn.



  • Cedric Harvey: Foolamancer and Ruler of Caste
  • Strademan the Skeptic: Chief Warlord
  • Alice Foster: Broken Predictamancer
  • Jeffery Astaire: Dollamancer
  • Jon-john Henry: Artificial Dittomancer. JJ Henry is the first of two attempts by Jeffery Astaire at creating an artificial true caster. As the first, he was ‘manufactured’ as a Dittomancer in order to replicate himself to relieve Astaire from having to make more. However, in his haste at exemplifying JJ’s Dittomancy proficiency he lacked in giving him a personality. Stoic and unwavering at all times, his facial expression has only recently added ‘confused’ to its features. Quite capable in his abilities, he often reserves his strength, limiting himself to a few honed techniques. He has also developed a growing penchant for Weirdomancy.
    • Substitute - Renders a single unit invulnerable for five turns by creating an unbreakable copy of them.
    • Peony – Creates partial copies of himself simultaneously to defend or attack a nearby individual unit.
    • Madrox Collective – Creates individual units that are very similar to the ‘Prime’ but act on their own accord and free will.
    • David’s Collective – Utilizes multiple aspects of himself to process large amount of information. Can also act like a temporary Thinkamancer.
    • Exhibit Infinite – While not infinite yet, he can replicate another unit into a Madrox Collective of around five.
    • DDR (Combo) – Coupled with Astaire and J.Brown, the trio can lead any troop types in an effective dance fight.
  • Victoria Sekrit: Artificial Shockamancer.
    • Nasal KO – Results in minor damage and can severely shock a selection of units.
    • JIYP – Severely reduces a units moral and loyalty, especially if a unit with Leader succumbs to this effect.
    • Flash Bang – Causes no injures but can disable all humanoid units for an entire turn. Cannot be used consecutively.
    • Triape Censor – Brands target with three black boxes, revoking Sight, Speech, and Hearing for a varying amount of turns.
    • Black Box – You know something’s there, and you can guess what it might be, but you don’t know for sure… Reduces productivity and can act as a
    • Forbidden Technique (Combo) – Requires JJ Henry to envelop Victoria and any unit’s she targeted in her Black Box. Severely leeches any units loyalty towards the Caste but the effect is diminished the more units involved. Can backfire if too many units are targeted.
    • Moan Shroom (Combo) - Requires Audrey's assistance to create airborne spores that cause instant infatuating with the two Casters.
  • Jimi Brown: Rhyme-o-mancer
  • Audrey B. Griffith: Florist
    • Floral Wall - Summons a wall of greenery that prevents movement across a row of hexes for a period of turns.
    • Seed Jr - Plants a seed that can grow into five different plant types, depending on the care giving and surrounding environment.
      • Clamp - A less desirable growth of a Seed Jr, will violently latch onto any nearby unit and ensnare them, damaging them over time. If left to grow long enough can ensnare multiple units.
      • Spitoon - A less desirable growth of a Seed Jr, will violently fire a sticky acidic glob of nectar at an opponent. If this weren't enough, it can utilize it's root system to ensnare them from afar.
      • Arborerf
      • Arborviv


Caste’s troops are primarily barbarians from various fallen factions and occasionally the randomly popped unit. However, they are capable of producing their own units.

City Production

  • Men
    • Infantry Archers
    • Infantry Knights
    • Stres – Small petite units that are rarely popped. A Stres can infinitely replicate a single raiment produced by a Dollamancer. This is often utilized to refit an entire army’s livery and raiment in a single turn. [Move: 0, Hits: 3, Combat: 3, Defense: 2 | Upkeep: 100]
    • Smif
      • Driver – Drivers are unique units that can randomly pop instead of Smifs. Larger and stronger that a regular Smif, they are noted for their eight foot muscular frame, and always wielding a sledgehammer. They are capable of overcharging; accomplishing a task twice as good and twice as fast than any other unit, but have a high chance of croaking once task is complete. Drivers are noted for their ability to destroy any Golem in a single strike. [Move: 2, Hits: 15, Combat: 20, Defense: 5 | Upkeep: 400]
  • Gumps
    • Nawacawcha
  • Yeren

Note: Neither Stres’s nor Smifs enjoy the company of Ambient Golems and is best to keep the two units apart.


  • Geists – As opposed to uncroaking any fallen units, JJ can opt to convert them into Geists. Unlike uncroaked, Geists retain their sense of self while losing to corporality. They can convey any bonuses they had on troops at the loss of being able to attack themselves. They make up for this three-fold, without corporality they cannot be attacked, they can follow complex orders and retain high levels of awareness, and finally, they are capable of traversing any terrain without penalty. [Move: 30, Hits: N/A, Combat: N/A, Defense: N/A | Upkeep: 0]
    • Gasts – When a Geist has recently passed on, JJ can opt once more to ‘pull them back’, however, in this process they are almost on par with the uncroaked. Their sense of self is initially stunted and only grows worse. However, they still retain the ability to traverse any terrain. Despite their infinite levity, like Geists, they do begin to fade after a certain amount of turns. [Move: 35, Hits: N/A, Combat: N/A, Defense: N/A | Upkeep: 0]
      • Pevegasts – A Geist that has either found it impossible to pass on, or a Gast that has been ‘pulled back’. Pevegasts have no corporality but are able to interact physically with various objects. Pevegasts as their name suggests are often temperamental but actually span through a range of amplified emotions including joy and sorrow. They have a very low loyalty level but this is fixed and are incapable of leaving their side. Pevegasts also suffer from ‘hex magnetism’ and are unable to travel to many hexes away from where they were made. Unhappy with their existence, JJ and Astaire placate the entities with intimidating armors that they can animate. Often using it to play tricks on others, they have begrudgingly agreed to defend against any invaders. [Move: 5, Hits: 12, Combat: 5, Defense: N/A | Upkeep: 50]
  • Trance Golems – These Golem are Strademans favorites. They obey orders to the letter. No more, no less. They’re quite, un-inquisitive, and terribly boring. They have moderately low upkeep and in turn low move, but as they are best suited to menial tasks, it’s found easier to keep them on guard duty. [Move: 2, Hits: 10, Combat: 8, Defense: 5 | Upkeep: 120]
    • Ambient Golems – An advancement of Trance Golems. These golem are capable of self-expression and everyone is painfully aware of it. Unashamedly campy they are utilized only due to their low upkeep and their ability to re-appropriate loyalty as well as their natural Shockamancy, but these abilities are hard to predict or control, and they seemingly make no effort on reigning in the effects while home. As such, moral can suffer simply by having them around. As Victoria is immune to their abilities, she often has the job of keeping them out of sight and out of mind. [Move: 10, Hits: 5, Combat: 2, Defense: 1 | Upkeep: 80]
  • Soft Light Replica – Soft Light Replicas are Cedric answer to cheap scouts and probable sneak attacks. Horridly fragile but costing little juice to make, Soft Replica’s act as though they were the actual unit created, memories, stats, and loyalty intact. Instead of croaking they de-pop if attacked. [Stats Dependent on Unit Replicated]
  • Hard Light Replica – The heavier more durable replica. Requiring significantly more juice to create. Hard Replicas boast all the perks of a Soft Replica but with the capability of withstanding a fair amount of attacks. In addition, instead of croaking, they will release a light burst. Slightly damaging and stunning enemies as well as signaling their position. [Stats Dependent on Unit Replicated]

Natural Allies

  • Yeren
  • Nawacawha – A docile tree unit that is capable of replicating itself for every other enemy it croaks. Have very low move and will only engage in a forest. Move drops to 1 if outside a forest. If left in a single non-forest hex for a period of about 50 turns, convert the hex into a forest. It can engage multiple units at once.
  • Drazilmen – Originally a Natural Ally of they pop in large numbers near around Sotpark Valley. They range from six to eight feet tall depending on role. It’s to note an unallied Drazilmen Tribe may only support twelve Drazilmen maximum, five of which being Cover. Allied they can support up to 30. Drazilmen also loathe breaking an alliance once created and will refuse to really themselves for at least 100 turns.
    • Flying Drazilmen – Pop rarely, these Drazilmen have astounding move, nearing that of a Gwiffon, small, slim, and weak with less than favorable upkeep, they are often sent on suicide exploratory missions, utilizing their natural Remote Visual Link with other Drazilmen to relay information. [Move: 50, Hits: 5, Combat: 2, Defense: 1 | Upkeep: 80]
    • Heavy Drazilmen – The largest and sturdiest Drazilmen. Have an enormous upkeep but it well worth their destructive power. Have very low move and have trouble moving through forest unlike their kin but are capable of traversing hills and low mountains with ease.
    • Sneaky Drazilmen – Natural Casters, most often of Foolamancy or Thinkamancy, they act as the diplomat of the Drazilmen to any side allied to them. Unless allied, will only pop one per entire tribe unless croaked.
    • Cover Drazilmen – These frail Drazilmen are capable archers but are more often left in their home hex due to the boost they grant in production. When allied, the boost increases exponentially.
  • Milter Drazilmen – The normally encountered Drazilmen variant. One is often imbued with Leadership by the Tribe’s Sneaky Drazilmen before embarking on a mission. Can also be granted a breath attack.
  • Huhuhu – Larger mountable units which can only be popped by a city if they are Allied with the Drazilmen.
    • Nuhu – A slow moving siege unit best adapted to dealing with archers and infantry. Is covered with strong plates that protect its rider from ranged attacks and infantry. Despite its bulk, it’s quite nimble and can wreak havoc on ground infantry as well as cloth golems.
    • Muhu – A temperamental siege unit capable of inciting a devastating charge attack. Dealing severe damage to its target. Can easily crash through other siege units and infantry and will not cease even if rider is knocked off or croaked until striking its target. If croaked in mid-charge it will often only stumble and continue the charge, uncroaking itself automatically.
    • Fuhu – A wiry flying mount and is capable of increasing its evasion within a hex indefinitely before rocketing back down for an impressive shock attack.

Note: If ridden by a Milter Drazilmen unit with Leadership, the Huhuhu ridden can also be granted Leadership granting more strength and power.