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Proposed Canon

The Carpudlians are a capital side who are in an ongoing conflict with Transylvito. Like Jitterati, they have so far chosen to disregard the growing threat posed by Gobwin Knob in order to attack their traditional enemies in Transylvito. This may prove to be a fatal strategic blunder.

They are one of two known sides (the other being Transylvito) to use water based assaults. They used this tactic to re-take Carport. They also have significant investments in air forces, archers, and spell defenses.

Carpudlian Cities


An unnamed Shockmancer.


King Slately of Jetstone and/or Don King of Transylvito may have warned them of Stanley and tried to persuade them to join the Royal Crown Coalition. But they evidently do not see Gobwin Knob as a really serious threat, and so have chosen to attack their traditional enemies in Transylvito. They may have a Foolamancer.

Real World References

Carpudlian is a reference to Liverpudlian, the term for denizens of Liverpool, England.

It is also likely a reference to the Carpathian mountains, a range which forms the boundary of Transylvania within Romania, and historically a notoriously troublesome region.