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=Proposed Canon=
=Proposed Canon=
'''First Mentioned:''' [[First Intermission 11]]
Carport is a [[city]] run by the [[Carpudlian]]s.
Carport is a [[city]] run by the [[Carpudlian]]s.

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Proposed Canon

First Mentioned: First Intermission 11

Carport is a city run by the Carpudlians.

It is southwest of the Kingdom of Faq.

It is regularly attacked by Transylvito, who will sack it or leave it unharmed for a ransom. They never claim it.

The last time Transylvito attacked, Carport had heavy air defenses. Caesar was well aware of this when his forces attacked Chocula, and indeed, the Carpudlians had an even stronger anti-air defense there.


The Carputians have so far chosen to disregard the growing threat posed by Gobwin Knob in order to attack their traditional enemies in Transylvito. This may prove to be a fatal strategic blunder.

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