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==Known Carnymancers==
==Known Carnymancers==
[[Jeftichew]], formerly in service to [[Unaroyal]], now residing in the [[Magic Kingdom]]. (see: [[First_Intermission_43]]
[[Jeftichew]], formerly in service to [[Unaroyal]], now residing in the [[Magic Kingdom]]. {{ref|1 [[First Intermission 43]]}}

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Stagemancy Hat Magic Carnymancy Rhyme-o-mancy

Proposed Canon


Carnymancy is one of the three disciplines of the Magic class Stagemancy; it is aligned with the axis of Fate.Erf-b1-p038aSame-site.PNG


  • As of yet Unknown.

Known Carnymancers

Jeftichew, formerly in service to Unaroyal, now residing in the Magic Kingdom. First Intermission 43


  • Possibly the Fate magic behind the Arkenhammer.
  • May reduce enemy abilities, similar to how carnival games are 'fixed' to be disproportionately difficult.
  • May have minor abilities of other schools, which would explain why the Arkenhammer has so many different and wild abilities.
  • May involve taming of wild units, which would correspond to the Arkenhammer, like in a circus carnival.
  • May involve mesmerizing the enemy with flashy production values, if Carnymancy was the extra element in the Vanna "Wheel of Fortune" linked Turnamancy spell. Since carnivals involve fooling the "townies", are there links to Foolamancy?