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  |special= [[Leadership]], [[Archer]]
  |special= [[Leadership]], [[Archer]]
'''First Appearance:''' [[LIAB Text 39]]
'''First Appearance:''' [[LIAB Text 39]]

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Captain Archer
Race: Men
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Archer
LIAB Text 39.jpg

First Appearance: LIAB Text 39

Captain Archer is an Archer Warlord on the side of Gobwin Knob


Captain Archer may not be a decrypted warlord as the only image of him shows none of Wanda's livery.

Real World Reference

From his clothing, name, personal appearance, and combat style, this character appears to be a reference to Archer from Fate Stay Night.

The rank itself may be a reference to Captain Jonathan Archer from Star Trek: Enterprise.