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Cities 101
Capital Cities, Port Cities, City Zones, Building, City manager, Claiming a City, Cities of Erfworld

Proposed Canon

A Capital is the primary City of a Side. Certain things can only be done in a side's capital city, and each side may only have one capital.


A Capital must be located at a Capital site. Should a Barbarian Warlord capture a Capital Site, they may claim the city and become an established, Capital Side.

If a side's capital city falls, but the ruler or heir still lives, the side's units becomes Barbarian. Should a Barbarian Ruler or Heir claim a city, they may re-establish their former side.

If a side's capital city falls, but side controls other capital sites, the side might not revert to barbarism. Instead, one of the other capital sites might become the sides new capital.

Effect of number of sides

The need for functions to be performed by capitals may place restraints on how big a side can become. Two sides with ten cities may be inherently stronger then one side with 20 due to more leadership or better logistics.