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The lava helps keep the heating bill low.
Cities 101
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Proposed Canon

A Capital is a special type of city and the primary city of a Side. By default, a capital and side have the same name, though these can be changed by the ruler. However, this is uncommon, even in the case of capitals conquered by other sides.

When a barbarian conquers the ruins of a capital to start a new side and upgrades it, Natural Signamancy reflecting the new ruler's innermost desires will decide the design of the city, and by extension, the Signamancy of the side.

Certain things can only be done in a side's capital city, and each side may only have one capital.

If a side wishes to switch its capital, its ruler must do so by sitting on their throne. If a capital city is conquered by another side it loses its status as capital and the treasury is seized.

Royal sides often have a Palace in their capital city.


If a side's capital city falls, but the ruler or heir still lives, the side's units becomes Barbarian. Should a Barbarian Ruler or Heir claim a city capable of being a capital, they may re-establish their former side.

It has been theorized that if a side's capital city falls, but the side controls other capital cities, the side might not revert to barbarism. Instead, one of the other capital sites might become the side's new capital. Nevertheless, the treasury would still be lost. This theory might have been confirmed, as during the Siege of Spacerock, changing the capital was a low priority when the plan was to get King Slately to the city of Jetstone, but became a high one when they needed to close the portal behind Parson Gotti.