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Bunny Velvetino
Race: Transylvito Vampire
Faction: Transylvito
Class: Caster (Thinkamancer)
Special: Noble


Countess Bunny Velvetino is a noble Thinkamancer in the service of Don King of the side of Transylvito.

First Appearance: TBFGK 99

Caesar Borgata and Bunny have a secret relationship. It is unknown whether Don King is aware of this, but Caesar and Bunny seem to go to extremes to keep it hidden, to the point where Caesar flirts with Dewy Tulips in public. Bunny is either mute, or has extreme difficulty with speaking aloud.

Bunny never visits the Magic Kingdom and is scarcely known to other Thinkamancers. The GMTTA have labeled her a baddie, effectively excommunicating her from Thinkamancy. One of the side effects appears to be loss of her voice.

Proposed Canon


Great Minds

She broke an oath to the Great Minds for reasons of love and was excommunicated to Bad status. Parson has told her that if she helps him defeat Charlie, the Great Minds will pardon her.


Bunny had a romantic relationship with Caesar, whom she referred to as "Squeeze" or "Squeezie." Any spare juice Bunny had at the end of turn was usually spent in communication with Caesar, Erf-b2-p26Same-site.PNG and the two engaged in liaisons whenever Caesar visited Transylvito.

It is unknown if anyone within Transylvito was aware of their affair, but they went to great lengths to keep it hidden. Caesar deliberately ignored Bunny whenever they were both in Don King's presence Erf-b3-p147Same-site.PNG, and they had a rule not to do anything together where anyone can see them. Erf-b3-p149Same-site.PNG In public, Caesar flirted with others like Dewy Tulips to throw off suspicion.

Don King

Don King needed Bunny like he needed air.Erf-b3-p61Same-site.PNG His Signamancy didn't allow flight or any travel, but Thinkamancy could indefinitely extended the range of doombats' scouting. He held her in his absolute trust, due to her once saving his life from an assassination attempt by her own lover. Erf-b3-p217Same-site.PNG. Don was comfortable enough to express himself freely in front of Bunny, be it despair Erf-b2-p59Same-site.PNG or fury Erf-b2-pE18Same-site.PNG.

In the final conflict between Don and Caesar Borgata, Bunny's love for Caesar and duty toward her Side compelled her to turn against her king. She used a secret Thinkamancy power to croak Don by cutting his Grandiocosmic String. Erf-b3-p217Same-site.PNG


If Caesar leads a coup d'état against Don King, Bunny's support would be crucial in coordinating the revolutionaries and feeding misinformation to the loyalists. That may be why he keeps the relationship secret.

Hvs.tCF 60 states that Bunny betrayed an oath to the great minds for reasons of love, and the figure she is shown hugging looks dissimilar to Caesar, suggesting a previous love interest. It is possible she had a relationship with Don King's son, who was croaked in a coup.

A Thinkamancer's highest loyalty is to Thinkamancy itself. While the Great Minds have little real authority over their fellow Thinkamancers and must respect their own lives and desires, the Thinkamancers remain one of the most unified disciplines. Since the Great Minds are trying to use Parson to attack Charlie, Bunny might encourage Caesar to ally with Gobwin Knob, if Caesar takes power, and if Bunny has any remaining loyalty to the Great Minds. The necklace she wears is similar to the all-seeing-eye worn by Maggie, which may signify former membership in the Great Minds. This possibility has become especially significant, because Parson is currently trying to figure out which of their enemies has a Thinkamancer.

King Slately states that when he spoke with Bunny it was always in his mind, she never spoke aloud. This is likely connected to her excommunication from the other Thinkamancers.

Real World References

Her name may be a reference to the traditional "bunny eared" television antennas, since communication using Thinkamancy is popularly seen as similar to radio communication.

Her name may be a reference to the vampire rabbit Bunnicula from the James Howe children's book series.

Her name may be a reference to the telepath Bunny from the Babylon 5 book trilogy, The Passing of the Techno-Mages.

Since Transylvito has some Mafia-like tones, her name may be a reference to Skeeve's accountant/moll Bunny who works for the Mob in the MythAdventures books by Robert Asprin.

Her surname may also be a reference to the children's book The Velveteen Rabbit by Margaret Williams.