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Cities 101
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Proposed Canon

Buildings are the empty structures that pop automatically as part of an Erf city. Generally, buildings are thought of as separate from the main defensive structures of a city, such as parapets or towers.

While some buildings can be used as barracks or stables, many do not seem intended for use by Erf units.

The usefulness of building varies, from the clear role played by the slaughterhouseFirst Intermission 36 in the automated production of supplies, to an ice house that pops ice that goes unused, to the empty courthouse/jail, which could be used but aren't.

Buildings Mentioned

  • Amphitheater First Intermission 36
  • Bank/counting house
  • Smokehouse/Slaughterhouse
  • Courthouse/jail
  • Amphitheater

Cities apparently also pop fountains from which units can drink or in which ornamental fish can be kept.