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=Proposed Canon=
=Proposed Canon=
{{ImageStackRight|465|{{crop|5|18|470|260|TBFGK_82.jpg|Erfworld's very own hidden kingdom.}}}}
A '''Bubble kingdom''' (or '''Bubble side''' in the case of a non-[[Royal]] [[side]]s) is a side that is hidden from its neighbors.
A '''Bubble kingdom''' (or '''Bubble side''' in the case of a non-[[Royal]] [[side]]s) is a side that is hidden from its neighbors.

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Proposed Canon

Erfworld's very own hidden kingdom.

A Bubble kingdom (or Bubble side in the case of a non-Royal sides) is a side that is hidden from its neighbors.

Bubble kingdoms are considered almost mythical by Erfworlders because of their anonymity. No one knows how many Bubble kingdoms are active at any one time. A Bubble kingdom's secrecy is its best defense; being discovered usually means it will very quickly be conquered and burst like its namesake. There are libraries full of books on failed Bubble kingdoms.


Bubble kingdoms may have some or all of the following traits:

  • Exists without any of its neighbors knowing it's there
  • Doesn't engage in constant war
  • Is usually small, or has very few cities
  • Has a reduced military
  • Engages in mercenary work to earn Shmuckers
  • Is hidden by geography, like a hidden valley or far off island
  • Employs magic to stay hidden


According to Lord Crush, a warlord who studied Bubble kingdoms extensively, bubble kingdoms typically have one or more "clever tricks" that help them stay hidden. Of course, that Lord Crush read about them at all means they fell despite their clever tricks. In the case of Faq, this involved a combination of remote, inaccessible geography and Magic. Faq was in a valley surrounded by High Mountain hexes, making it unlikely ground or flying units came by, with only a single point of easy entry through a river. FAQ employed a Predictamancer to predict when enemy units would come, a Lookamancer to find them, and a Master-class Foolamancer to veil whole cities.

When Faq faced destruction, King Banhammer wanted the side moved to a remote island to help it stay hidden.


One problem Bubble kingdoms face is how to pay for their Upkeep. Most sides get Shmuckers by going to war and razing cities. Even with a reduced military Bubble sides still have expenses, and their need for invisibility means they can't trade with other sides. Faq engaged in mercenary work for far off sides to help stay solvent. Parson Gotti theorized it may be possible to use a Dittomancer to double Heavy unit production and harvest them to create a financially self sustaining Bubble side.