Book 3/Page 103/Transcript

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Parson Gotti (off panel): "I hate to say this."

Parson (off panel): "But we're gonna have to do this without our troops."

Parson: I could maybe get an order to Artemis through Isaac, but we can't wait.
I don't want anyone else getting those guns.

So I think just veil us, and we'll take our chances.

Jack Snipe: Of course.

Jack: Erm...


Parson: ...

Marie LaVraie (off panel): Okay, he's here, yes?

Marie: I con't see him.

Lady Artemis: Yes.

He's here.

Parson: Or they could already be here waiting for us.
I mean that works, too.

Marie: So maybe next time we skip the ahgument, and you just believe the Predictamansah?