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Prince Ansom: Webinar's a good man.

He may be correct.

Vinny Doombats: Yeah, well, fergive me. But where most of you Jetstones've got a stick lodged, that one's got a whole Gump.

Ditching him might not mean she betrayed us.

Prince Ansom: But her repeated captures and escapes... her free ranging missions.

I didn't want to believe it, but it does seem likely.

Vinny Doombats: Well, I dunno if she turned on us or not. But I do have this feeling... like maybe our part in the Titans' great story is comin' to an end soon.

Prince Ansom: I never took you for a religious man, Vinny.

Vinny Doombats: Seems the time for it.

Vinny Doombats: I ain't got a lotta patience fer quotin Scripture, but I do believe the Titans have a plan.

I think we're all-

Prince Ansom: Just a moment, Vinny.

Jillian Zamussels: Now?


My dear stuffy, insufferable Prince.

Jillian Zamussels: You may have quietly suspected that I am a traitor.

Your man Webinar suspected it loudly.

I wonder if you ever understood me.

Jillian Zamussels: I'm free, Prince. You're a slave to duty, to your Kingdom, to your... ideals, such as they are.

But I'm a Barbarian!

I can roam... I can explore...

I'm free to make friends or enemies or lovers of whoever I please.

To you that means I'm just a mercenary. You think I joined you for the Shmuckers. Psh.

I'm in this fight for the same two reasons you are, you ridiculous popinjay.

One, because I hate Stanley.

I might not have wanted the Kingdom he cost me, but it was mine.

And two?

Because I love Prince Ansom of Jetstone.

May the Titans help me.

I'll see you after I croak some dwagons.