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Proposed Canon

A combat bonus (also referred to as force multiplier)Erf-b1-p125Same-site.PNG is a positive circumstantial influence that increases unit stats and makes it more efficient in combat.

Bonuses can derive fromErf-b1-p125Same-site.PNG:

Bonuses are very important in the combat system of Erfworld. In order to win a side should increase bonuses for their units while decreasing bonuses to enemy units.


Assuming that Wanda is level 8 or 9 and Ansom is level 10, with Summer update 33, then the bonuses listed could be arrived at with these formulas.

Leadership Bonus

Chief Warlord bonus

Capital/Stack: level Hex: level/2 Battlespace: level/3

Warlord bonus

Stack: level

Magical Bonuses

Caster bonus

Stack: Base Magic Bonus (Possibly Level) Hex: BMB/2 Battlespace: BMB/5-8, or non-variable 1.



Ansom's bonuses were:

Stack: +10 (His level) Hex: +5 (His level/2) Battlespace: +3 (His level/3, rounding down, or level/4, rounding up)


Wanda's bonuses were:

Stack: +8 Hex: +4 Battlespace: +1

If she is level 8, that would mean level, level/2, and level/8 or /7,6,or 5 rounding down. If she is level 9, that would be level-1, level/2 rounding down, and level/5-8 rounding down. If she is level 7, that would be level+1, level/2+1, and level /7 or level/8 or more rounding down +1 In any of these cases, the 1 may be an arbitrary 'static' bonus for the battlespace independent of the others.

Of course, her bonused may not be based on her personal level or even any particular special ability or stat; they may be fixed according to the magic or the Arkenpliers.


Parson gave a bonus of +2 to all units in Gobwin Knob. This is included as the capital bonus.

Artifact and Stack

The weakest unit in Ansom's stack had an attack of +30 and a base attack of at least 6. The total Warlord and Caster bonus was +18. This means that there is at least +6 remaining.

This would include the Artifact and stack bonuses. In addition, every unit in the column had a base attack of 6+. Those in Ansom's personal stack would undoubtedly have higher base attack than that.