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Proposed Canon

A combat bonus (also referred to as force multiplier)Erf-b1-p125Same-site.PNG is a positive circumstantial influence that increases unit stats and makes it more efficient in combat.

Bonuses can derive fromErf-b1-p125Same-site.PNG:

Bonuses are very important in the combat system of Erfworld. In order to win a side should increase bonuses for their units while decreasing bonuses to enemy units.


Assuming that Wanda is level 9 and Ansom is level 10, then Summer update 33, then the bonuses listed can be calculated using these formulas. There are many other methods too.

Leadership bonus:

Chief Warlord bonus

Capital: level

Global: level/3

Hex: level/5

Warlord bonus

Stack: level/2

Chief Caster bonus

Global: level/8

Hex: level/3

Caster bonus

Stack: level/3


Ansom would give a bonus of

Global: 10/3 = +3

Hex: 10/5 = +2

Stack: 10/2 = +5

Total global: +3

Total hex : +5

Total stack: +10


Wanda give a bonus of

Global: 9/8 = +1

Hex: 9/3 = +3

Stack: 9/2 = +4

Total global: +1

Total hex: +4

Total stack: +8


Parson gave a bonus of +2 to all units in Gobwin Knob. This is included as the capital bonus.

Artifact and Stack

The weakest unit in Ansom's stack had an attack of +30. The total Warlord and Caster bonus was +18. This means that there is +12 remaining.

This would include the Artifact and stack bonuses and the unit's base attack.