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Now that [[Wanda Firebaugh|Wanda]] is [[Uncroaked|uncroaking]] en masse, can it be long before we see our favorite Twoll returned and suddenly a great deal creepier? What's more, Bogroll is shown to have the ability of [[Regeneration]], so there might even be a possibility that he will return in his original, non-Uncroaked version.

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Bogroll with Sizemore
Race: Twoll
Move: 0 (Garrison)
Hits: 12
Combat: 5
Defense: 4
Special: Regeneration

Proposed Canon

Bogroll is a twoll in the service of Stanley the Tool. He was originally a henchmanErf-b1-p004Same-site.PNG ("the lowest henchman", according to himErf-b1-p085Same-site.PNG). Later, he was promoted to lackey in attendance on Lord Hamster.Erf-b1-p028Same-site.PNG

Disguised as Parson, Bogroll ambushed and croaked Prince Ansom under the guise of surrender before being croaked himself.Erf-b1-p102Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p103Same-site.PNG



Bogroll is, to all appearances, a simple follower. At his first appearance, he was about to become the (literal) target of a prank by one of the other henchmen. Wanda's desire to get "as far away from (him) as possible" when she encounters him holding a target-patterned parasol suggests that this is a recurring pattern.

After being promoted to lackey, he made a suit of armor for Parson and otherwise served him loyally. Parson, in contrast to the other characters, treated Bogroll with respect, something which may have influenced and inspired Bogroll's infatuation and fierce loyalty towards Parson. So much so, that he is currently deceased, KIA in service to Parson.

Real World References

Bogroll is one-eyed - a reference to cyclops.

Bogroll is the name of a character in a PartiallyClips strip by Rob Balder.

His name is a British English colloquialism for toilet paper.