Betsy Murgatroyd

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IPTSF Text 31.jpg
Betsy Murgatroyd
Race: Men
Faction: Faq
Class: Caster (Healomancer)

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 30

Sister Betsy Murgatroyd was a Healomancer in service to Faq before its destruction. Betsy Murgatroyd was introduced in IPTSF as a member of the King of Faq's caster heavy royal council. Like most other members of the council she was deeply committed to non-violent methods and was extremely offended by the violent nature of Jillian Zamussels. Her disgust was so intense that she saw Jillian as damaged and incapable of more positive attributes. Nevertheless, she was deeply committed to keeping everyone healthy and healed Jillian on a number of occasions.

At Jillian's request, she formed a caster link with Charlie to heal Wanda and Jillian of their heroine bud addiction, but with ulterior motives in mind. After making a deal with Charlie, Betsy worked with him to remake Jillian's mind in their own image. She helped Charlie destroy Jillian's jester, an as yet unknown part of her personality and randomly altered Jillian's memories and opinions in an attempt to make her less violent.


The details of the Fall of Faq are not yet known, but Betsy has not appeared or been mentioned in any later update. It is presumed she is ended sometime before the events of TBFGK.

Real World Reference

Betsy is a Healomancer. Healing powers coming from gods or Heaven is a well-known trope.

The phrases Heavens to Betsy and Heavens to Murgatroyd are both established expressions of surprise. The latter was first spoken in the 1944 film Meet the People, and became famous when used by the Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Snagglepuss. The former may have appeared in the late 19th century.