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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: First Intermission 11 (Referenced) LIAB 34 (Seen)

Benjamin is a Transylvito unit.


Benjamin acts as an advisor to Don King; possibly like a consigliere.

Benjamin might be a Moneymancer or Mathamancer, and serve as an accountant or bookkeeper.

An unidentified figure resembling Benjamin Franklin appears here; if this is Benjamin, he is apparently not a Transylvito Vampire.

The same figure appears again in Book 2, text update 34 reciting (or perhaps only thinking) a piece of Rhyme-o-Mancy in which he criticizes Don King for spending schmuckers on Jillian and Faq. In real life, Ben Franklin was a brilliant polymath. It may be that Benjamin is similar to Wanda in being proficient in many magical disciplines outside his own, but unlike Wanda, and more like Sizemore in actually finding them fascinating. Since he is 'cancelling the antsy' with his rant, it may be that Benjamin is the only thing preventing Caesar Borgata and the warlords from carrying out a coup.

Real World References

Benjamin's name might come from the slang use of "Benjamin" to reference large sums of money, due to the appearance of Benjamin Franklin on the U.S. hundred-dollar bill. (On-Line Slang Dictonary)