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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by Jszellmer.


Beastmaster is a type of Special posessed by some Warlords. A form of Natural Thinkamancy allows the relevant Warlord to control War beasts, dangerous units with low obedience, with whom the Warlord is stacked. Without a Beastmaster to control them, many War Beasts would require physical restriants when not in combat, and during combat, would aggressively seek out and destroy other units in ways that may run counter to their side's strategy. This Special also allows the Warlord to see through the eyes of War Beasts within a limited range of their position, in a fashion similar to a Transylvito Warlord seeing through the eyes of a Doombat. Beastmasters can use non-humanoid Greater War Beasts as mounts.

Warlords with the Beastmaster Special are rare, typically popped only by sides that can also pop War beasts. However, a few sides will pop a Beastmaster if they have or will acquire War beasts from another side. In addition, their presence at the forefront of many assaults causes them to have an unusually high casualty rate. Enemy units who understand the capabilities of this kind of unit frequently seek to identify and target Beastmasters, hoping to disrupt War Beast discipline. As a result, while many Sides that can pop War Beasts feel that having a few Beastmasters is virtually mandatory, they also tend to view popping more than one or two Beastmasters at a time to be an inefficient use of resources for a unit with such a specialized ability. In an attempt to preserve Beastmasters for where they will be most useful, Sides with Beastmasters are sometimes unwilling to commit Beastmasters to relatively minor conflicts.

Personality-wise, Beastmasters tend to have aggressive fighting styles and tend to be cunning, rather than intelligent. A desire to get 'stuck in' should not be mistaken for low obedience or a lack of tactical acumen, however. They merely have a preference for simple and direct battle plans that allow for maximum devistation amongst enemy forces. Though they generally disdain complex battle plans, they can and do appreciate them when their role and goals are clearly laid out.