Battle of the Expository Bridge

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This is an article describing an event that is still being created by the Titans, the information in it is still to be determined. Speculation should be kept to a minimum, but is welcome if relevant.
Wars of Stanley the Tool
Stanley's Historic Battles, The Gobwin Knob Campaign, Destruction of Unaroyal, Assault on Jetstone, Faq's Homeward Blitz, The Magic War

Assault on Jetstone
Battle of the Expository Bridge, Siege of Spacerock

Previous battle: Battle of Chocula
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: None
The Battle of the Expository Bridge
Conflict: Wars of Stanley the Tool, Assault on Jetstone
Date: 66 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob, 75 AW
Place: Expository Bridge
Outcome: Undetermined, Gobwin Knob backfooted

Gobwin Knob

Jetstone, Faq, Haggar





Other Allied Sides




  • A few spy bats (non-combatants)



  • Piker and Stabber class infantry


  • At least 6 Archons, "significant forces"



After the Destruction of Unaroyal the Battle of the Expository Bridge (75 AW) is the next campaign move of Stanley the Tool in his quest for the Arkentools. Stanley has sent his forces towards Jetstone under the (supposed) command of the decrypted Prince Ansom. Jetstone's capital, Spacerock, had been exposed by the new border with Gobwin Knob after Unaroyal was destroyed making it his next logical target given Stanley's history with Jetstone and the Royal Crown Coalition. However, Jetstone was prepared for the coming battle (though quietly nervous about their chances), massing its forces at the nearest choke-point, a bridge Stanley's forces must cross to reach Spacerock, Expository Bridge.

Jetstone Preparation

The Jetstone king has allowed the use of some of his precious casters in the battle.
Faq has allied itself with Jetstone and brought the largest air armada it could muster in the short preparation time (3 Warlords, 26 Gwiffons, 6 Megalogwiffs (Nb: this Is stated in Erf-b2-p010Same-site.PNG but later on it seems clear that the number is actually higher, 10 appear in Erf-b2-p016Same-site.PNG) and hired Turnamancer Vanna) to Spacerock as part of the garrison to compliment the forces of Jetstone. Jetstone seems to lack an air force of its own, making them dependent on Faq for protection against Dwagons.

First turn

An initial manoeuvre by Wanda and Prince Ansom to capture Prince Ossomer was successful but led to a skirmish in which the Foolamancer, Jack Snipe, and Prince Ansom were injured. Interrogating the turned Ossomer revealed information about hidden reinforcement columns prompting Wanda to lead an assault against Spacerock's garrison from the air with the intention of croaking King Slately; this would disband or convert Jetstone (since Ossomer was heir). Faq leader Jillian Zamussels then moved to intercept and parley with Wanda. Jillian "agreed" to leave without a fight but instead of telling Vanna to go into the Magic Kingdom as she had claimed, ordered her to cast a spell arranged by Charlie. This Caster link enhanced spell forced Gobwin Knob to immediately end turn leaving Wanda stranded in Spacerock's air space and the infantry column without any air or caster support.

Second turn

After the forced turn ending, Sammy captured one of Charlie's Archons (and croaked 3 others). He interrogated her believing he had the upper hand but Charlie resumed Thinkagram communication and "negotiated" with him. Charlie successfully blackmailed Sammy into leading his column across Expository Bridge and softening up the Gobwin Knob column with the "main" objective of destroying Ansom. Jillian's objection to this strategy proved to be a sufficient distraction for Ansom to best Sammy in combat.

Jillian directed Haggar's forces to withdraw and took advantage of the damage caused by their assault to surgically strike Ansom and capture him using her Megalogwiff to 'absorb' him. She appears to have sustained some casualties and significant damage to her Megalogwiffs from having her other fliers crush Ansom's pikers in order to expose him. She then withdrew with the goal of destroying several of Gobwin Knob's cities on her way back to Faq.

Captain Ford rallied the remaining Gobwin Knob infantry with the unorthodox tactic of primarily attacking only units that can harm fliers; however, Tramennis assaulted the remaining forces in the head of Gobwin Knob's column using only his heavies and a stabber/piker advance, wiping out Ford and the remaining forces.


  • Janis has predicted this battle will end poorly for Gobwin Knob.
  • Charlie is indirectly involved in the battle, he was directly linked to Vanna as part of the Forced End Turn Spell and was spying on Sammy before blackmailing him into actually participating in the battle. As of yet, it is not clear if Charlie is acting of his own accord or has a contract with someone. He has an "arrangement" with Faq that is different from his usual contracts (she doesn't seem to need to pay him, at least in the present, despite his ongoing assistance) which makes his motive unclear.