Battle of Chocula

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Proposed Canon

With the defenses of Transylvito weakened by devoting resources to Faq Carpool has been able to conquer more territory. They captured Chocula from Transylvito at some point. Caesar Borgata was sent with a small forece to retake the city.

Previously, Carpool had taken Carport and then filled it with air defenses and croaked two of Transylvito's warlords when they came to retake it, expecting little opposition. Caesar suspected they might try the same trick in Chocula and decided to bring to bring the only two battle bears who could reach. He avoided an air battle and led the two battle bears himself in an assault on the gate. Broadway Tony led the goyles, birds and Doombats in an assault on the wall defenders to cover Caesar's attack. Broadway Tony was croaked as well as most of his air assault.

Caesar was nearly croaked in the battle but he stayed on the ground and avoided the air defenses. Carpool had built up a murderous number of archers and their Shockmancer had added spells to the tower that would have certainly croaked any airborne troops. Only by staying grounded was Caesar able to survive the battle and even then it was a very close call.

After the battle, Caesar seriously suspected that he had been set up. The small forces he had been sent with and the murderous defenses he had to deal with should have killed him, if not for his strategy and combat prowess. He bitterly resents the sacrifice of good soldiers like Broadway Tony when they will be so badly needed in the future.

Previous battle: Battle of Carport
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: Battle of the Expository Bridge
The Battle of Chocula
Conflict: Transylvitian Wars
Date: 52 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob
Place: Chocula
Outcome: Transylvito reclaims Chocula, wrecks Garrison



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