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(Proposed Canon)
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|prev= [[Battle of Carport]]
|prev= [[Battle of Carport]]
|conc= ''None''
|conc= ''None''
|next= [[Battle of the Expository Bridge]]
|name= The Battle of Chocula
|name= The Battle of Chocula

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Proposed Canon

Presumably Carpool took Chocula from Transylvito at some point. Caesar Borgata was sent with a modest force to retake the city.

Previous battle: Battle of Carport
Concurrent battle: None
Next battle: Battle of the Expository Bridge
The Battle of Chocula
Conflict: Transylvitian Wars
Date: 52 turns after the Battle for Gobwin Knob
Place: Chocula
Outcome: Transylvito reclaims Chocula, wrecks Garrison



  • unknown

  • Archers, ~200+
  • Air Defenses, heavy
  • Air Heads, unknown strength
  • additional Infantry, unknown number