Bart Lightrail

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Bart Lightrail
Race: Men
Faction: Faq
Class: Warlord
Level: 1

Proposed Canon

Bart Lightrail was a Warlord in service to Faq and a Viscount of Kibo - one of the three cities of Faq.IPTSF Text 29 He popped during the events described in 'Inner Peace', before the fall of the first Kingdom of Faq.

Bart is described as 'handsome', 'quiet', but with 'attentive and quick' eyes, with 'promisingly powerful' build.

He meets Jillian Zamussels at the rendezvous point at Mount Pilot with freshly popped gwiffons to reinforce Jullian's force.

Real World References

His name probably refers to Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) light rail.