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(moved Assault on Jetstone to Battle for Jetstone: To match the name Charlie gave it in Text 18)
(Making Assault on Jetstone the base page instead of Battle for Jetstone.)
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#REDIRECT [[Battle for Jetstone]]
[[Gobwin Knob (Side)|Gobwin Knob]] mounts a decapitating strike against [[Jetstone]]'s capital city of [[Spacerock]] following the [[Destruction of Unaroyal]].
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Wars of Stanley the Tool
Stanley's Historic Battles, The Gobwin Knob Campaign, Destruction of Unaroyal, Assault on Jetstone, Faq's Homeward Blitz, The Magic War

Assault on Jetstone
Battle of the Expository Bridge, Siege of Spacerock


Gobwin Knob mounts a decapitating strike against Jetstone's capital city of Spacerock following the Destruction of Unaroyal.