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Race: Men
Faction: Jetstone
Class: Warlord
Level: 8
Special: Noble, Leadership, Archery

Proposed Canon

"Wisdom in the Tower." - Plea to the Titans

Strengths: Hunting, Battlefield competency, Bravery

Weaknesses: Luckamancy

First Appearance: LIAB Text 50

Artemis is a noble Jetstone warlord with the Archery special. She was popped in Firestone, 1850 turns ago. Her rank is that of Countess though she despises the lifestyle of court, preferring to hunt and achieve glory.

As a level 1 she served as adjutant to Prince Forthewin and later became a favored companion. When she was level 6 Prince Forthewin was croaked in battle and she was blamed for the loss of the beloved prince. Her punishment was to be kept from battle and instead manage the city of Spacerock. She leveled from 6 to 7 by training alone, this apparently is much slower than leveling in battle as it took her hundreds of turns worth of constant training.

She had an unfortunate mishap with the young Prince Ansom, which extended her punishment indefinitely.

Only after the war with Gobwin Knob became desperate was she allowed to leave the city and see battle again. She served under Prince Ossomer and was instrumental in his victories. She leveled to 8 and was in charge of the reserve archers at the time of the Atrium bombing.


Artemis is blamed for the croaking of Prince Forthewin, which resulted in her very long punishment. However, it is likely she was not actually responsible but was merely the scapegoat found by King Slately. Prince Forthewin was very popular and the court would need someone to blame for his loss. It is also insinuated that she and the Prince were lovers.

Real World References

Artemis is obviously a reference to Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt.