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Arkentools are a group of Artifacts believed to be created by the Titans of Ark. They are sometimes referred to as "the tools of the Titans".Erf-b1-p020Same-site.PNG Erf-b1-p004Same-site.PNG While useful on their own, their true power is revealed when they are attuned to their user. The Arkentools look different from most objects in the world; they resemble three-dimensional computer-generated images.

Parson's first Stupid Meal says there are four known Arkentools.Erf-b1-p039Same-site.PNG

The Arkentools seen so far are:

The fourth Arkentool has yet to be revealed.

Proposed Canon

Attunement is governed by Fate magic. Erf-b1-p022Same-site.PNG

Stanley took the title of Tool because he felt that he was destined to collect the ArkentoolsErf-b1-p020Same-site.PNG; however, recently, his failure to reach Faq has left him in doubt as to his destiny. Wanda's attunement to the Arkenpliers has also cast doubt on his belief system, making him uncharacteristically cautious about demanding anything of those that work for him.

The Erfwiki is also a Tool, but whether it exists within Erfworld in addition to its known Stupidworld-Prime incarnation remains to be seen.


Associated Discipline

Given that the Arkendish provides "unmatched" Thinkamancy and the Arkenpliers provide clearly unequalled Croakamancy, many readers feel that there is an associated Discipline for the other two Arkentools. Exactly which disciplines these are is still a matter of intense debate. For instance, some readers suspect that all the Arkentools are associated with Fate-aligned disciplines, given that this pattern fits both the Arkendish and Arkenpliers, and that Fate is thought by Ansom and Wanda to be the determining factor in a Unit's attunement to the artifact. However, this is not universally agreed upon, given the difficulties with assigning a Fate-aligned discipline to the Arkenhammer. (See this article for a detailed discussion of the Arkenhammer's possible associated disciplines, with arguments for and against each.)

There has been speculation that Parson's mathamancy bracer is an Arkentool as it has many similar ability giving features. It is also possible that Parson's watch-calculator itself is an Arkentool.

Real World References and their Implications

It was pointed out that several characters have names that alludes to companies around the world that manufacture tools:

There is a company named Rockwell that manufactures tools. It is also worth noting that one of the earliest patents for a shovel design was given to James B. Sizemore. It has thus been suggested by some readers that the fourth Arkentool might be an Arkenshovel and be given to the character Sizemore Rockwell.

It was (half) humorously suggested that the fourth Arkentool should be named Arkensaw - just for the fun of it.

The Arkenstone was the name of a large and valuable dwarven gemstone in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Tolkien took the name from Old English: eorcen-stán (also spelled eorcnan-stán, earcen-stán, etc.), or Old Norse jarkna-steinn, meaning "precious stone". Thus, "arken" by itself might be interpreted to mean "precious".

Relation to Units

It is probable that each Arkentool has an associated special Unit. The Arkenhammer permits the taming of Dwagons, and the Arkenpliers create 'decrypted'. Most readers agree that the Arkendish is probably involved with creating Archons. Few sides can pop Archons and Charlescomm is the only side that can pop them at a rate of up to 1.5 per turn.summer-updates-%e2%80%93-046 External.png So far, the main effect of the Arkentools on Erfworld seems to be to alter the demographics of Erfworld's population, by increasing the numbers of Archons, Dwagons and Decrypted.

Arkentool Special Unit Associated Discipline Associated Axis Associated Elements
Arkenhammer Dwagons Disputed Unknown Unknown
Arkenpliers Decrypted Croakamancy Fate Motion & Matter
Arkendish Archons Thinkamancy Fate Life & Motion
"Arkenshovel" (speculation) Superior Golems? Possibly Dirtamancy and/or Changemancy? Erf Matter
"Arkensaw" (speculation) Unknown Unknown - -