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Race: Artifact
Class: Arkentool
Attuned to: Bell, Judy Gale
Associated Discipline:

Proposed Canon

One of the Arkentools. They were known to have been attuned to Judy Gale of the Haffaton Side. The Arkenshoes give the attuned wielder unlimited move and even the power to teleport their user to wherever it is that they consider "home".

When used by Judy Gale to return home, the items she was carrying shattered and crumbled to the floor, but the Arkenshoes disappeared with her.


The Arkenshoes are the only Arkentool that consists of a pair of items. Whether there is any significance to this is unknown.

Their power over movement and location might be connected to Weirdomancy or Hat Magic.

In the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy decided to return home, the Silver Shoes came off over the desert border, because they only held power in fairy lands like Oz and couldn't enter the mundane world. It is very likely that there was a similar effect on the Arkenshoes when Judy Gale returned to her own world.

Real World References

The shoes are a reference to the Silver Shoes once worn by the wicked witch of the East and given to Dorothy in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The fact that the Arkenshoes are red is likely a reference to one of the movie adaptations, in which they are called the Ruby Slippers instead.