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Race: Artifact
Class: Arkentool
Attuned to: Judy Gale
Associated Discipline:

Proposed Canon

One of the Arkentools. They were known to have belonged to Judy Gale of the Haffaton Side.


The Arkenshoes are the only Arkentool that consists of a pair of items. Whether or not this is significant is unknown.

In IPTSF 61, Judy is attended by the scarecrow and tin golem that had been given Life by Maxwell the Thinkamancer. These constructs had reverted to their original state when Maxwell croaked. If the Arkenshoes are tied to a particular discipline, the fact that they accompany Judy may indicate that the Arkenshoes are tied to Dollamancy in some way. That Dollamancy is on the Fate axis would also fit in with the popular theory that all of the Arkentools are tied to the Fate axis.

Real World References

The shoes are a reference to the Silver Shoes once worn by the wicked witch of the East and given to Dorothy in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The fact that the Arkenshoes are red is likely a reference to one of the movie adaptations, in which they are called the Ruby Slippers instead.