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One of the Arkentools, possessed by Prince Ansom of Jetstone until his defeat at the Battle of Gobwin knob, but never attuned to him. The pliers are said to be aligned with the fate axis of magic.

Even unattuned the Arkenpliers were a powerful weapon, capable of permanently destroying any Uncroaked unit on contact.

Wanda Firebaugh recovered the Arkenpliers from the ruins of Gobwin Knob after the battle and attuned to them almost at once in what appears to be the culmination of a long quest. Just what enormities can be expected of her now are unclear, but given her vocation for croakamancy, and given that that school is the aspect of naughtymancy ruled by the aspect of Fate, it would seem that a powerful artifact of fate in her hands is something to be feared.

Wanda notes that she has broken and destroyed much to gain control of the pliers ... perhaps some aspects of Erfworld's recent history should be re-examined in the light of this revelation, if only to discover who played whom and in what game.